Cry for Health.
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Author: Bates, Linda
Pub Date: 12/22/2011
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Issue: Date: Winter, 2011 Source Volume: 23 Source Issue: 4
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Full Text: Cry for Health

Health: The casualty of modern times

By Jesse Sleeman

Dragon Lair Publishing 2011

PO Box 553 Mt Barker SA 5251

ISBN 978 0 646 54233 1


At last a book by Jesse Sleeman, one of our masters of traditional herbal medicine, a philosopher, a teacher and a scientist in the truest senses of the words; a man who questions everything. Specialising in social psychology at university before becoming a herbalist, his studies gained him a Master of Arts in Psychology. The knowledge and skills Jesse acquired then would later underpin his approach to health matters and are clearly evident in the composition and presentation of this thoroughly researched and referenced volume.

The book is divided into three parts which lead us through a passionate and brilliant argument in support of life on earth. He shows us how and where we lost the traditional philosophies of healing and health and why we need to resume them. He demonstrates how our lives and individual health have become an industrial commodity. We have become the animals experimented on. With the statistics to back his ideas he gives us his references in a 100 page list of published academic research papers.

In part one, Sick society, Ailing medicine, Jesse presents a history of the use of pharmacy in modern medicine through the 20th century and shows us some of the results. The chapters are: Death by doctoring, Tools of medicine, Why modern medicine may be harming you, Drug hype, To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. The subsections of each chapter are clearly defined in the table of contents where we are offered comprehensive help to find the information with such listings as: The band aid solution, Making sense of drugs, Drug interactions, Clinical tests, A brief history of illness, Are we really living longer, The hype, The charade, the Subterfuge and the propaganda, The importance of infections, and Hidden footnotes to the vaccination saga. One thousand published studies are listed as references for this part of the book.

In part two, Blinkered Science and the Vital Force, the chapters are How do we know, Two ways to view health and disease, Vital force: Stuck in the whole, Spinning energies, Signs of intelligence; Health and disease revisited. Jesse's references list here is wide and includes Aristotle, Plato, Blavatsky, Capra, Descartes, Suzuki, Bacon, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Jung, Hippocrates, Eddington and Campbell along with many scientists acknowledged in the quantum world such as Bohm, Davies and Mindell.

Part three, The human continuum and beyond, contains chapters titled The human continuum, Beyond the continuum, Drowning in a sea of electropollution, and The rape of life. It offers such sub-sections as The health of hunters and gatherers, The chemical deluge, A cautionary tale, Vanishing varieties, and Nuking foods and nanotech nonsense. Jesse tells us about the current state of aboriginal health, electromagnetic radiation, satellite and mobile phone risks, the politics behind genetic engineering of food crops and what it really means for us.

In the final subsection, Who speaks for life, we read 'Individually we can change our lives for the better ... collectively we can heal the world'. Volume 2, coming soon, is about how we do it.

Thank you Jesse Sleeman. This book is an important work for anyone involved in health, ecology, sociology, environmental and biological sciences. In fact for anyone concerned about our survival. What an interesting, intelligent, generous and educated tome you have presented us with. A book we've needed for a very long time to help us move towards repairing and restoring the awful state of life on earth.

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