Creating the magic from within as we move forward: the new ADAA President shares her hopes for the coming year.
Author: Kaweckyj, Natalie
Pub Date: 11/01/2010
Publication: Name: The Dental Assistant Publisher: American Dental Assistants Association Audience: Academic; Trade Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health; Science and technology Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2010 American Dental Assistants Association ISSN: 1088-3886
Issue: Date: Nov-Dec, 2010 Source Volume: 79 Source Issue: 6
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Full Text: Having just returned from the "Most Magical Place on Earth" and Annual Session in Orlando, Florida, I am excited by the many opportunities I had in meeting many members of our association. For the first-time delegates who attended the conference in Orlando, I hope it was all you had imagined it would be! For us seasoned veterans who make the yearly trek to conduct the business of the association, catch up with friends and make new acquaintances through networking, I applaud you!

Some of the greatest bonuses of attending the annual meeting are the rewarding opportunities for getting together with other professionals who care about dental assisting as much as you do. Our dental assisting profession is more than a job--it is a community and a culture; most importantly; it is a career for many. Those affiliated with dentistry tend to have a passion about the field and with one another. Our profession serves society by sharing knowledge amongst its members and creating incentives to combine new information, technology and experiences. The inner workings of the ADAA also helps our members build networks, find opportunities, recruit leadership and organize collectively around the topics that affect the association and profession as a whole, whether it be legislation, credentialing, education or service.

Each and every one of you has a leader inside waiting to burst out. Each member brings something to the association, no matter how small or large of an active role you play in your local, state or national component. I would like to challenge many of you to challenge yourselves in becoming more active within your association. Many of you have already stepped up to the plate by volunteering to serve on councils and committees, serving as officers once again at your local societies or state associations, or by serving on the Board of Trustees. The "magic" is all around us!

As I start out my term, I look forward to the ensuing year as we continue what has been started and begin on new endeavors. I look forward to meeting new friends, sharing new ideas and coming up with solutions to age old dilemmas. It is with strength in members that we can all work together and achieve the same goal--a healthy and sound association. Network with your friends and colleagues who may not yet be members and show them all what ADAA is about.

As the days grow shorter and the holiday season quickly approaches, I want to wish each and every one of you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. Please remember those who are serving our nation and maybe spending the holidays away from their families and those who are no longer with us.

Best wishes !

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