Color Blind Deaf and Dumb.
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Author: Duncan-Fowler, Loretta
Pub Date: 11/01/2010
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Full Text: Loretta (La-Rue') Duncan-Fowler was born in Boston, MA. La-Rue is an author, poet, singer, songwriter, and performance poet. Her debut book, My Deepest Affections are Yours--Love Poems, received wide recognition. She is a member of the performing groups Born 2 Be Poets, 2nd Born, and Uptown Poets. Born 2 Be Poets and was nominated for the 2001 SOS Music Award in the spoken word category. Her special brand of poetry is often requested at numerous spoken word, juke joints, club houses, churches and state fairs across the country and internationally.

Spoken word is her ministry gift and she uses it to counter the effects of suicide, hopelessness, lack and insufficiency found in the people today and to let people know that nothing that they have ever been through can ever separate them from God's love! Whether it's hosting a Katrina Benefit or organizing community events to inform people about H1N1 and related health issues. You can find her lecturing and lending her gift of poetry to civic, governmental, religious and charitable organizations.

La-Rue has also graced the stage with Grammy Award winning recording artist The Whispers, The Clark Sisters, Shirley Caesar, The God Squad, Joanna Rosario, Vicki Winans, and Fred Hammond. Neo Soul/Rhythm and Blues recording artist Bilal and Goapele; Blues Hall of Fame percussionist, vocalist, and blues man Mr. Big John Evans. She also wrote and recorded the song Wretched Man with notable gospel and blues guitarist Odell Ross Jr. La-Rue has appeared as a guest on the international news television program Night Line with Ted Koppel, and several local talk shows including Look Whose Talking and Good Day Sacramento advocating for the rights of her disabled son to attend the Sacramento public school system.

La-Rue' continues to perform and host her own spoken word show, An Evening of Poetry w/Ms. La-Rue', and the Mood Blue's Poetry Series. Most recently she appeared in the national television advertisement for the Kymora Lee Body Slimmer. La-Rue is also a member of The American Poets Society, she has a Bachelors degree in Computer and Information Sciences, and lives in Sacramento, California. The above is from her book In Search of A Father's Love (2010).
Color Blind Deaf and Dumb

(Dedicated to the People of the Gulf Coast-USA Hurricane Katrina)

   I am a fourth generation American
   West Indian
   Haitian and Cuban-Spanish and French blood running
   warm in my veins

   I was born in this country--America
   I have no claim to Haiti nor does my soul long for Cuban sunsets
   The only place I really know is here and now!

   Why did my country turn its back on me the day it called my people
   refugees and then splatter on the new that we were Looters and

   I know I live in California but the natural disaster called Katrina
   happened to me the day my country called my people refugees

   It was no longer them or those people in trouble
   Life's, Hopes and Dreams washed away by the sea or blown away
   on the windy breezes of change
   And again
   White men have gone and changed the game

   And all this time I've been living in Color Blind and Deaf and Dumb
   With my mind geared towards Terrorism
   More worried about an Arab man destroying my way of life
   More concerned that my Brothers and Sisters over in Iraq were
   their lives on a daily
   More concerned with bringing Freedom and Justice to some
   other peoples land

   When there is still no Freedom and Justice for my people
   right here in America
   I've been spoon fed the same rhetoric about
   The War On Terrorism
   The War On Drugs
   No Child Left Behind
   I've placed Red, White, and Blue flag bumper stickers on my car
   Just to prove my Patriotism
   Whether or Not I agree with the politics of the day

   We are all one people--Americans

   So I ask again why did my country turn its back on me the day
   it called my people refugees.

   Katrina just didn't destroy houses and land and lives

   It unmasked the true feeling of a Government. It unmasked the
   hypocrisy of a Nation and left her open to shame and ridicule.
   How can we seek Democracy in another land, in another place,
   in another time--when here we as a people can't pass the color
   line--the line of poverty, of sickness and death, of hate and

   We preach in God we trust. When God can't trust us.
   He can't trust us with the basic commandments of life
   Which is to
   Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
   Which is to
   Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them To Do Unto You

   My country would rather Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No
   While a genocide goes on, on the daily right before our eyes
   The Revolution is being televised

   But as for me I'll just keep surviving in Color Blind and Deaf and
   California wondering why my country--My
   Country tis of thee
   Sweet land of liberty

   For thee I sing
   Land where my Father died
   Land of the Pilgrims pride
   From every mountain side
   From every mountain side
   Let freedom Ring

   I'll keep wondering why my country turned its back on me the day it
   called my people refugees!
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