Clinivate, LLC.
Article Type: Brief article
Subject: Behavioral health care (Laws, regulations and rules)
Pub Date: 10/01/2010
Publication: Name: Behavioral Healthcare Publisher: Vendome Group LLC Audience: Academic; Trade Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health; Health care industry; Psychology and mental health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2010 Vendome Group LLC ISSN: 1931-7093
Issue: Date: Oct, 2010 Source Volume: 30 Source Issue: 9
Topic: Event Code: 930 Government regulation; 940 Government regulation (cont); 980 Legal issues & crime Advertising Code: 94 Legal/Government Regulation Canadian Subject Form: Behavioural medicine Computer Subject: Government regulation
Geographic: Geographic Scope: United States Geographic Code: 1USA United States
Legal: Statute: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
Accession Number: 242306612
Full Text: Clinivate offers behavioral healthcare software for organizations and their clinicians, managers, and administrators. Crafted as a Web-based application, Clinitrak is a cost-effective, HIPAA-compliant solution for documentation and billing. Clinitrak features integration of treatment planning, progress notes, embedded outcome measures and tracking, clinical supervision, QA benchmarks, and EDI billing. Clinitrak is a system that enhances organizations' clinical oversight while reducing business risk and controlling IT and data entry costs. Visit
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