Clinical benefits of probiotic canine-derived Bifidobocterium animalis strain AHC7 in dogs with acute idiopathic diarrhea.
Article Type: Brief article
Subject: Bifidobacterium (Research)
Diarrhea (Care and treatment)
Authors: Kelley, R.L.
Minikhiem, D.
Kiely, B.
Pub Date: 04/01/2010
Publication: Name: Alternative Medicine Review Publisher: Thorne Research Inc. Audience: Academic; Professional Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2010 Thorne Research Inc. ISSN: 1089-5159
Issue: Date: April, 2010 Source Volume: 15 Source Issue: 1
Topic: Event Code: 310 Science & research
Geographic: Geographic Scope: United States Geographic Code: 1USA United States
Accession Number: 225739715
Full Text: This study evaluated the effect of supplementation with canine-derived probiotic Bifidobacterium animalis strain AHC7 (Iams Prostora, Procter & Gamble Pet Care) on the resolution rate of acute idiopathic diarrhea in dogs randomly assigned to receive a placebo (n=18) or the probiotic (n=13). Nutritional management with the probiotic fed at 2 x 10(10) CFU/day significantly reduced the time to resolution (3.9 +/- 2.3 versus 6.6 +/- 2.7 days; P < .01) and reduced the percentage of clogs that were administered metronidazole (38.5% versus 50.0%) compared with placebo. Probiotic B. animalis AHC7 may provide veterinar tans another tool for management of acute diarrhea in dogs.

Vet Ther 2009;10:121-130.
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