Care-seeking for post-partum morbidity, rural India.
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Subject: Morbidity (Psychological aspects)
Morbidity (Research)
Mothers (Patient outcomes)
Mothers (Risk factors)
Mothers (Demographic aspects)
Mothers (Research)
Pub Date: 11/01/2010
Publication: Name: Reproductive Health Matters Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers Audience: General Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Family and marriage; Health; Women's issues/gender studies Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2010 Reproductive Health Matters ISSN: 0968-8080
Issue: Date: Nov, 2010 Source Volume: 18 Source Issue: 36
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Geographic: Geographic Scope: India Geographic Code: 9INDI India
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Full Text: Despite high morbidity and the danger of maternal death, women in low-resource settings frequently fail to seek post-partum care from formal providers. 2,1 14 mothers were interviewed through a household survey in February 2008 in the rural Murshidabad district of India, in order to elucidate factors influencing care-seeking behaviour for post-partum health problems. 929 (43.9%) women had post-partum morbidity in the six weeks after delivery, of whom 5.8% did not seek any care, 49.2% sought care from informal providers, and 45.0% sought care from formal providers. Factors associated with seeking care from a formal rather than informal provider included being from a more educated household (p<0.05), delivering at a health facility (p<0.001), having a severe postpartum complication (p<0.05), and being Muslim rather than Hindu (p<0.01). Women who did not seek any attention appeared to be most influenced by distance to a health care facility and whether they had had an institutional delivery, which underscores the importance of trying to increase rates of institutional delivery in order to improve post-partum care as well as delivery and birth outcomes. The finding that Hindu women were less likely to seek care than Muslim women should be investigated further. (1)

(1.) Tuddenham SA, Hafizur Rahman M, Singh S, et al. Care seeking for postpartum morbidities in Murshidabad, rural India. International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 2010;109(3):245-46.
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