CTLA-4 A49G polymorphism and autoimmune blood disease: a comment / CTLA-4 A49G polimorfizmi ve otoimmun kan hastaligi: bir yorum.
Author: Wiwanitkit, Viroj
Pub Date: 09/01/2011
Publication: Name: Turkish Journal of Hematology Publisher: Aves Yayincilik Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Health Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2011 Aves Yayincilik ISSN: 1300-7777
Issue: Date: Sept, 2011 Source Volume: 28 Source Issue: 3
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Full Text: To the Editor,

I read the recent publication on cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen-4 (CTLA-4) A49G polymorphism with a great interest (1). Aktiirk et al. concluded that, "these data suggest that CTLA-4 A49G polymorphism does not contribute to the pathogenesis of lymphoproliferative diseases itself, nor does it increase the risk of autoimmune complications in patients with lymphoproliferative disease (1)." Aktiirk et al. tried to determine allele frequencies and genotype distributions for some autoimmune blood diseases. There are some problems with their conclusion. First, the study included only a few patients and no controls. Second, not all autoimmune blood diseases were analyzed; therefore, they cannot conclude that their finding supports or refutes the contribution of the studied polymorphism to the pathogenesis or risk of disease. Third, when investigating a single polymorphism the possibility of other polymorphisms that were not investigated, must be considered.

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(1.) Akturk F, Hancer VS, Kiiciikkaya R. Cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen-4 (CTLA-4) A49G polymorphism and auto-immune blood diseases, Turk J Hematol. 2010;27:78-81.

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