CPD questionnaires.
Pub Date: 04/01/2012
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Issue: Date: April, 2012 Source Volume: 102 Source Issue: 4
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1. True (A) or false (B):

The leading cause of injury in South Africa is rugby.

2. True (A) or false (B):

The prevalence of fetal alcoholism syndrome in South Africa is the highest in the world.

3. True (A) or false (B):

Women are more likely to be victims of non-sexual violent crime than men.

4. True (A) or false (B):

Young black men are at the greatest risk of homicide.

5. True (A) or false (B):

Schools with clear missions and strong stances against violence have lower rates of bullying.

6. True (A) or false (B):

Within low-income, high-violence neighbourhoods the victims rarely know the perpetrators of violence.

7. True (A) or false (B):

Evidence suggests that violence occurs at higher rates in societies with high levels of economic inequality.

8. True (A) or false (B):

Amitraz is an organic plant food.

9. True (A) or false (B):

Amitraz has alpha-2-adrenergic agonist effects and inhibits monoamine oxidase.

10. True (A) or false (B):

Poisoning by amitraz is always deliberate.

11. Which of the following is FALSE? Patients poisoned by amitraz may present with:

a) Nausea

b) Bradycardia

c) Loss of hair

d) Miosis or mydriasis.

12. True (A) or false (B):

Amitraz and its metabolites or solvents may contribute to a characteristic 'mothball-like' or 'dry-cleaning' odour in the poisoned patient.

13. True (A) or false (B):

The rise of multidrug-resistant bacteria is not of concern because of the rapid production of newer antibiotics.

14. True (A) or false (B):

Appropriate empiric antibiotic guidelines should be based on accurate and up-to-date knowledge of local antibiotic sensitivities.

15. True (A) or false (B):

Unless children attending many South African schools receive food supplementation, malnutrition is likely to impact negatively on their learning ability.

16. True (A) or false (B):

A study showed metal contamination of vegetables grown in a study school garden.

17. True (A) or false (B):

Mortality and morbidity can be reduced in patients presenting with acute myocardial infarction with early interventions such as fibrinolysis.

18. True (A) or false (B):

Maximal benefit of fibrinolysis is seen when the fibrinolytic is given a day after symptom onset.

19. True (A) or false (B):

The study in the Western Cape showed that a key modifiable factor to prolonged door-to-needle times for myocardial infarction was the need for senior review on ECG interpretation.

20. True (A) or false (B):

Patients presenting with atypical symptoms or with undifferentiated chest pain require an ECG to diagnose ST elevation myocardial infarction.


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