CCRF President's message--investing in our researchers means investing in our profession!
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Author: Potter, Drew
Pub Date: 01/01/2011
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Full Text: Dear Colleagues

In 2010, CCRF operated with a Board approved total budget of $877,000 in revenues and supported $765,000 in restricted programming alone. CCRF funding commitments are primarily allocated to supporting the Research Chair and Professorships program across Canada.

In 2010, CCRF had financial commitments to fund the following chiropractic researchers:

1. Dr. Walter Herzog PhD, a Canada Research Chair at the University of Calgary.

2. Dr. Mark Erwin DC, PhD, the CCRF Scientist in Disc Biology at the University of Toronto.

3. Dr. Jill Hayden DC, PhD, the CIHR/CCRF Chiropractic Research Chair at Dalhousie University.

4. Dr. Jean-Sebastien Blouin DC, PhD, the CIHR/CCRF Chiropractic Research Chair at the University of British Columbia and the CCRF/UBC Professorship in Spine Biomechanics and Human Neurophysiology.

5. Dr. Jason Busse DC, PhD, the CIHR/CCRF Chiropractic Research Chair at McMaster University.

6. Dr. Steven Passmore DC, the CCRF Professorship in Spine Biomechanics and Neurophysiology at the University of Manitoba.

7. Dr. John Srbely DC, PhD, the CCRF Professorship in Spine Mechanics and Neurophysiology at the University of Guelph.

8. Dr. Paul Bruno DC, PhD, the CCRF Research Chair in Neuromusculoskeltal Health at the University of Regina.

9. Dr. Carlo Ammendolia DC, PhD, at Mount Sinai Hospital and the University of Toronto.

10. Dr. Greg Kawchuk DC, PhD, a Canada Research Chair at the University of Alberta.

Provincial/National donations

In 2010, the Provincial/National donations to CCRF included the following:

Foundation memberships

The membership in CCRF now totals over 1600 chiropractors. The CCRF goal is to have all Canadian chiropractors become annual members of CCRF. At $125 per year that represents the best investment anyone can make in our profession.

I want to thank The CCA, and all of those provinces and individuals that provide funding support to the CCRF.

Without their donations and leadership, we cannot realize our vision and goals. In addition I want to thank the CCRF Board members and Officers for their tremendous support and insight.

Membership in the CCRF costs $125.00. This tax deductible contribution helps the CCRF oversee and coordinate this extensive research program. If you agree that we must maintain our efforts, you can very easily join those who have demonstrated their commitment. Contact your CCRF provincial representative or Dr. Allan Gotlib ( to make a tax-deductible contribution to CCRF.

Make an investment in your profession!

Dr. Drew Potter DC

President, CCRF

Glen Morris, Ontario
British Columbia             $100,000
Alberta                       $90,000
Saskatchewan                  $63,700
Manitoba                      $57,500
Ontario                      $170,000
Nova Scotia                   $14,250
New Brunswick                  $7,375
Newfoundland/Labrador          $6,750
Prince Edward Island           $1,000
CCA                          $330,500
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