Brigitte Gabriel: ACFEI featured speaker in Las Vegas.
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Pub Date: 09/22/2009
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Full Text: The American College of Forensic Examiners Institute welcomes Brigitte Gabriel as a keynote speaker at the 2009 national conference in Las Vegas.

Ms. Gabriel's authority on terrorism comes from the tragedy of personal experience. Raised as a Christian, she lived through the Islamic occupation of Lebanon as a child, narrowly surviving a bombing that destroyed her family's home. She and her family were forced to live in a one-room bomb shelter for years as the religious attacks raged around them.

She escaped to Israel as a teenager, eventually becoming the news anchor for an Arabic evening news broadcast. In 1989, she immigrated to America and began her own television production and advertising company. Fluent in four languages, Ms. Gabriel has since become a prominent speaker, writer, and activist. After the tragedy of September 11, 2001, Ms. Gabriel turned her experiences as a persecuted Lebanese Christian into an emotional, emphatic testimony to raise awareness on the threat of radical Islam to world peace and national security.

A member of the board of Advisors of the Intelligence Summit, her New York Times best-selling books include Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America and They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How, We Can Do It.

Ms. Gabriel is a prominent speaker, regular guest on worldwide news and radio stations, and the founder of American Congress for Truth. She admonishes our politically correct tolerance and lack of knowledge of Islam, asserting that their cultural invasion can do as much damage as bombs and head-on attacks. Though she regularly receives death threats from terrorists for speaking out about her experiences, Ms. Gabriel has devoted her life to educate and inspire Americans to stand up against radical, militant Islam.


"In the afternoon of September 11th, 2001, I was like all Americans, glued to my TV screen in the family room, tears in my eyes, feeling utter pain, sorrow, and helplessness over what transpired that morning ... I knew that the same cancer that was confined to the Middle East had now spread throughout the world's body. That's when t knew I had to speak up because my past is America's future unless Americans wake up in time to see what is coming our way."--Brigitte Gabriel

From Ms. Gabriel: This Is The New Reality (Information retrieved from

We are in for the fight of our lives. That we have not yet had another terrorist attack in the United States is remarkable, but it will happen. Al Queda keeps its promises.

How do I know this? I was born in Lebanon and raised as a Christian. When the Lebanese Civil War broke out, our family, and our Maronite community came under vicious attack by Islamic extremists. They promised to destroy us, and as you know from the recent war in Lebanon, the country is now nearly Islamic.

I was nearly killed by a mortar. Our home was destroyed. We lived in a bomb shelter for seven years. Most of my childhood friends were killed. That's how I know.

We must make the connection between individual safety and a strong national defense, increase civic preparation and political responsibility, and train all Americans to become defenders of our community safety and national security.

Anguish struck the citizens of the United States of America on 9/11 as a handful of hateful men murdered nearly 3,000 innocent people. A heavy pall of grief covered our nation. Many of us wondered if we'd ever laugh again.

But 9/11 wasn't the only act of terrorism. Bali, London, Madrid, Jerusalem ... the list goes on and on. Yet the West does not fully realize the bloodthirsty intentions of the menace of fundamental Islam. This enemy--is relentless. It is determined.

Why Does Our Struggle Matter? It Matters Because ...

If we don't win the war against Islamofascism, other issues won't matter at all. We won't have an economy to worry about. We won't have equal rights for all. We won't have our cherished freedom. And we will live under Sharia Law.
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