Bras to blame for breast cancer?
Article Type: Brief article
Subject: Breast cancer (Risk factors)
Brassieres (Health aspects)
Author: Abdin, Maria
Pub Date: 08/01/2012
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Full Text: Regarding breast cancer, I have been deeply concerned by the apparently large numbers of women suffering from this condition, and am wondering if an experience I had in the mid-1970s might be of relevance. One day, I noted a small, soft bump on my right breast, just inside the edge of my bra and just below my armpit. On the other side of the bra's edge, I felt a very tiny "gurgle," as if some fluid (lymph?) was being obstructed. The bra that I was wearing had a very stiff border. I wondered if the bra was to blame, so I bought a bra with less rigid rims. The problem was still there, but not quite as bad. I tried other bras--same problem. Then I read an article about African women who, instead of wearing bras, used cloth wound about their upper bodies. So I tried what I thought would be equivalent--snug (but not tight) T-shirts. The problem slowly disappeared and I have had no problems since. (I also, not too long after that, started being much more careful about chemical exposure in cosmetics and household care items.) I am wondering if the current apparent epidemic of breast cancer may be--at least in part--caused by wearing bras?

Maria Abdin, Seattle, Washington
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