Brain Power: How to Fine-Tune Your Brain Naturally.
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Pub Date: 03/22/2008
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Full Text: Brain Power: How to Fine-Tune Your Brain Naturally

By C. Samuel Verghese, MD, Phd

Want to feel better, improve your memory and brain function, and increase your capacity for spiritual life?


With the help of C. Samuel Verghese's book, Brain Power, this may be possible. Written from a Christian perspective, Dr. Verghese provides scholarly writing on neuro-psychology as he bases his success on three essential components: Holy Scriptures, medical knowledge, and compassion. The book provides help for people grappling with difficult biblical concepts about the brain, mind, body, and conscience. It provides resources "to facilitate attainment of our ultimate purpose for balancing our brain."

Other contents include chapters on healing from brain hormonal and inherited imbalances, an explanation of the neurobiological process of transformation, the brain's plasticity and fine-tuning; foods to fine-tune your brain for power; and discovering what your brain needs to achieve Christ-likeness.

The book also includes patient characteristics, the nature of disorders, and treatment protocols, illustrating the importance of designing specific individualized treatments to balance brain biochemical deficits. Colorful diagrams and explanations provide information for those less familiar with the field of neuroanatomy.

Brain Power provides a unique look at the fusion of science and faith, as it attempts to "finetune" the brains of its readers. Clear case studies from Dr. Verghese's own clinical experience support his writing and research. This book is recommended for those who are involved in the helping professions, as well as for those in the general public looking to gain insight into their holistic life.

By C. Samuel Verghese, MD, PhD

C. Samuel Verghese, MD, PhD, DAAPM, BCIA, has more than 40 years of experience in holistic medicine. His journey has taken him to many educational institutions (including Harvard University) and spiritual communities. He has been a Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association for 3 years.
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