For Black Americans, 9-11 is 24-7.
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Pub Date: 12/01/2010
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Full Text: Human Rights Watch--United States, Punishment and 1Prejudice: Racial disparities in the War on Drugs; African American History, Melba J. Duncan, Ch. 3, p. 31 2. Copyright [c] 2009 by Neal Hall, M.D.
For Black Americans,
9-11 is 24-7

   a labyrinth of terror buried beneath shallow
   words on revised pages of America's iniquities
   dating back four hundred years,
   when blacks were snatched and kidnapped,
   ship jacked and hijacked to America's labor and
   concentration camps to be bought and sold
   into unspeakable servitude on land we would
   come to lose ground to some
   lesser place and foreign cause.
   For black Americans,
   9-11 is 24-7,
   ... an endless cycle of America's weapons of black
   destruction crashing and imploding, 24-7, into
   towering black hopes and aspirations...
   ... a viciousness finding continuous
   momentum in prescribed brutality,
   administered 24-7, to infuse in us
   enough terror to keep us in a lesser
   place for economic gain.
   For black Americans,
   9-11 is 24-7,
   Four hundred years and more of
   democratic sleight of hands,
   jiving and conniving, slipping and sliding across
   smoke and mirrors ...
   ... Jeffersonian poker face democracy
   bluffing its hand of freedom,
   always with the ace of tyranny
   concealed up its white sleeve
   to place race-based road blocks
   strategically on unpaved roads to
   nowhere to ensure that blacks get there ...
   ... discriminating mercenary legislative, judicial
   homicide beheading black men from the souls
   of black homes and families; cutting short the
   lives of one out of twenty black men
   imprisoned ten times the rate of white men's
   crimes as a means of genteel 1 genocide to keep
   us from finding from among us a deliverer to
   lead us from this lesser place ...
   ... a good old boy network of
   murder, rape and intimidation,
   torture, beatings and mutilation,
   social isolation and economic decimation to
   keep us enslaved children of slave children
   ripped from the breasts of slave mothers sold
   into tortuous misery by those first families
   hooded in democracy.
   For black Americans,
   9-11 is four hundred years and more
   of America crashing and imploding,
   24-7, into our towering black
   hopes and aspirations.
   Four hundred years and more of
   no reprieves, no parity, no sign of mercy,
   no justice, no relief in sight for us ...
   ... no world coalitions proffering UN resolutions
   for economic restitution ...
   ... no international peace keepers
   amassing at these plantation shores to destroy
   America's weapons of mass black destruction ...
   ... no search and rescue teams to search and
   rescue us from the ruins of America's racial
   injustice and exploitation ...
   ... no gathering dignitaries to raise our tattered
   black flag half-mast, found buried deep
           beneath the shallow hypocrisy on revising
   white pages of America's history.
   ... no 9-11 commission to investigate the
   disposition of 36 million 2 holocaust victims
   swept quietly and anonymously under white
   stars and stripes forever.
   ... no day and time set aside to memorialize
   four hundred 9-11s, each with nine thousand
   black men, women and children stacked black
   side up, black high to make easy America's
   economic climb ...
   ... no marked graves black with names
   to fare - thee - well to distant sounds of tolling
   bells ...
   ... no heaven or hell to turn back or put back
   black hopes and aspirations snatched and
   kidnaped, ship jacked and hijacked.
   For black Americans,
   9-11 is 24-7.
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