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Subject: Physicians (Compensation and benefits)
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Pub Date: 05/01/2011
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Full Text: Why Compensating Surrogate Mothers

Is the Right Thing to Do


It does not seem a coincidence that the discomfort with--or outright refusal of--payment to gestational carriers is tied to the reality that surrogacy is, by definition, women's work.

Explaining the $17,000 Gender Gap in

Physicians' Pay


This is the hypothesis that the media has picked up on: it's unfortunate that female doctors earn less than males, but it's not unjust, because the disparity is explained by different career choices. But perhaps this theory has been accepted too readily.

Also: Alice Dreger isn't surprised by a French study showing a heightened risk of death among kids treated with rhGH; Carl Elliott explains how the FDA got the Markingson case wrong; Franklin G. miller recounts his experiences being plagiarized by (oh, the irony) other ethicists; and Mark Rothstein examines the double-edged sword that is electronic health records.
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