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Pub Date: 11/01/2010
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Full Text: Tracking Professional Guinea Pigs


Patients are not irrational. However, they evaluate risks and benefits not in the abstract way supposed by some ethicists, scientists, and IRBs, but in a way that takes into consideration their knowledge, disease experience, hopes, and aspirations.

Walk It Off, Crybaby


Wyeth is upset about a recent PLoS Medicine article by Adriane Fugh-Berman describing how it used ghostwritten journal articles to promote Prempro, its hormone replacement therapy. What is Wyeth so worked up about? That Fugh-Berman--who discloses that she got access to the documents proving this through her work as a paid expert witness against Wyeth--did not specifically state that she is still working as an expert witness. Yes, that's the crime. Not the breast cancer, not the heart disease, not the strokes or emboli linked to Prempro. The crime is using the incorrect verb tense.

After the Media Frenzy, Preventing Another "Guatemala"


Most reporters want the most salacious details that fit our worst nightmares of what medicine can do. I am asked to "rate" which is worse: the study in Tuskegee or this one in Guatemala. I am besieged with people who have their own fears and stories, a couple of nasty e-mails, and one person who hopes that my family and I die. Some seem amazed that I did not just blog about this the minute I found it. Careful thought and consideration, not to mention how to influence policy, is not part of this mix.

Also: Kimberly Leighton questions the right to know genetic information about oneself; Carol Levine points out some of the shortcomings of the proposed changes in rules on hospital visitation; and Ross White evaluates health care reform six months after its passage.
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