"Best of the best" global climate change info sources: National Agricultural Library's top choices.
Subject: Global temperature changes
Author: Wood, Marcia
Pub Date: 11/01/2009
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Full Text: Give yourself full points if you've already found your way to most, if not all, of the eight excellent resources listed below on global climate change. Librarians at ARS's National Agricultural Library in Beltsville, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., chose these for Agricultural Research magazine readers as the lop picks among what the World Wide Web and bookshelves have to offer.

Encyclopedia of Global Climate Change

Regarded as one of the best science reference books of 2008, this 3-volume compilation presents 750 scholarly articles covering the subject from diverse perspectives, including history, oceanography, biology, and geography.

Weathervane: A Climate Policy Blog From Resources For the Future


Particularly notable: Map-based overviews depicting levels of impact of climate change for different geographic areas, plus options for mitigation and their possible outcomes.

NASA Goddard's Overview of Policy Websites


Ideal tot those with a penchant for policy, NASA's site draws from government, private, and international resources for this wide-ranging selection of documents.

Agriculture's Role In Greenhouse Gas Mitigation


In their usual comprehensive fashion, Pew Center on Climate Change scholars from government and academia describe agriculture's impact on carbon flow and storage and consider farming-based options to slow climate change. See especially the short overview at Agricultural and Forestlands: U.S. Carbon Policy Strategies.

Climate Change and U.S. Agriculture: The Impacts of Warming and Extreme Weather Events on Productivity, Plant Diseases, and Pests

http// chge.med.harvard.edu/publications/documents/agricultureclimate.pdf

A team of renowned scientists from Harvard Medical School's Center for Health and the Global Environment presents compelling examples of how climate change has affected agriculture.

Global Change Research in the USDA Forest Service


As one of Earth's most important reservoirs of carbon, forests unquestionably merit the detailed research described at this site.

Climate Change Books in the National Agricultural Library


This continually updated scan of the library's growing collection presents the 50 newest citations first. Prepare to be impressed: NAL has more than 1,300 books on the subject.

Recent NAL database searches for journal articles on climate change


You'll get breadth, depth, and focus from NAL's professionally designed database searches. If the 7,000-plus citations of relevant, English-language journal articles are a bit more than you need, a quick glance at the first 50 listings will make you current with the newest additions to this routinely updated list.--By Marcia Wood, ARS.
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