BSI board meeting, June 2010.
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Author: Thurrott, Jay
Pub Date: 05/01/2010
Publication: Name: Journal of the Bromeliad Society Publisher: Bromeliad Society International Audience: Academic Format: Magazine/Journal Subject: Biological sciences Copyright: COPYRIGHT 2010 Bromeliad Society International ISSN: 0090-8738
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Full Text: 1. It was reported that the much anticipated, revised Judges Handbook draft copy had been delivered to the President for review. When final minor changes are completed, copies will be provided to all current BSI judges.

2. Little success was noted in siting the next World Conference outside of the U.S. The difficulty relates to the lack of affiliated societies (a requirement in the By Laws) in countries that have indicated an interest in hosting this event.

3. An offer to host the 2012 World Conference received from the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies was approved, subject to the group establishing affiliation with BSI (currently the member societies are affiliated, but the Council is not).

4. Discussion was presented on work currently underway to develop a proposal for reorganizing the current U.S. regions to reflect a more equitable distribution of societies and members. More work will be done before a proposal is submitted to the Board on this.

5. A motion was passed in support of the Cultivar Registrar's current work with the intent to make the Registry available on the BSI website as soon as is practical.

6. Regarding the Bromeliad Identification Center at Selby Gardens, a committee was formed of the president, the treasurer and one director. This group is to meet with Selby Gardens staff as soon as possible to consider establishing a formal relationship with a goal of clearly defining duties and obligations of both the BSI and Selby Gardens.

And I almost forgot--there was an election of officers and I seem to be the new president. Whether this is an honor or a penal sentence remains to be seen, but I tend to be optimistic about such things and will give it my best shot!
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