Pub Date: 01/01/2011
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Issue: Date: Jan-Feb, 2011 Source Volume: 80 Source Issue: 1
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BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus from Shofu Dental Corp., is an all-in--one base, liner and final restorative that reduces the amount of materials to stock, set-up and clean-up, the manufacturer claims. Shofu reports that the product's viscous consistency; combined with the company's no-ooze, no-drip syringe, ensures that the material stays put to help keep cleanup to a minimum. Chameleon properties help simplify shade--matching, further reducing the need for a large inventory, Shofu says. According to the manufacturer, BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is approved for all indications and combines the convenience of a flowable with the physical properties and functionality of leading hybrids, providing great versatility at a great price. Available in two viscosities: F00 (Zero Flow) for precision stacking, and F03 (Low Flow) for traditional flowability.

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