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Pub Date: 04/01/2011
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Issue: Date: April, 2011 Source Volume: 65 Source Issue: 02
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California Agriculture is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal reporting research, reviews and news, published by the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) of the University of California. The first issue appeared in December 1946, making it one of the oldest, continuously published, land-grant university research journals in the country. The print circulation is currently about 15,000 domestic and 1,800 international, with a strong online presence.

Mission and audience.

California Agriculture's mission is to publish scientifically sound research in a form that is accessible to a well-educated audience. In the last readership survey, 33% worked in agriculture, 31% were faculty members at universities or research scientists, and 19% worked in government agencies or were elected office holders.


The journal is indexed by AGRÍCOLA; Current Contents (Thomson ISI's Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Sciences, and the SCIE databases); Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau (CAB) databases; EBSCO (Academic Search Complete); Gale, including Lexis-Nexis; Google Scholar; Proquest; and others, including open-access databases. It has high visibility on Google and Google Scholar searches. All peer-reviewed articles are posted to the California Digital Library's eScholarship Repository.

Authors and reviewers.

Authors are primarily but not exclusively from ANR; in 2008, 15% were based at other UC campuses, or other universities and research institutions, and 13% in 2009. In 2008 and 2009, 14% and 50% (respectively) of reviewers came from universities and research institutions or agencies outside ANR.

Rejection rate.

The rejection rate ranged between 20% and 25% in the last three years. In addition, associate editors and staff sent back 24% of manuscripts for revision prior to peer review.

Peer-review policies.

All manuscripts submitted for publication in California Agriculture undergo double-blind, anonymous peer review. Each submission is forwarded to the appropriate associate editor for evaluation, who then nominates three qualified reviewers. If the first two reviews are affirmative, the article is accepted. If one is negative, the manuscript is sent to a third reviewer. The associate editor makes the final decision, in consultation with the managing and executive editors.


After peer review and acceptance, all manuscripts are extensively edited by the California Agriculture staff to ensure readability for an educated lay audience and multidisciplinary academics.


California Agriculture manages the peer review of manuscripts online. Please read our Writing Guidelines before submitting an article; go to http://californiaagriculture.ucanr.org/submit.cfm.


The editorial staff welcomes your letters, comments and suggestions. Please write to us at the address below. Include your full name and address. Letters may be edited for space and clarity.


Subscriptions are free within the United States, and $24 per year abroad. Single copies are $5 each. Go to http://californiaagriculture.ucanr.org/subscribe.cfm or write to us. International orders must include check or money order in U.S. funds, payable to the UC Regents. MasterCard/Visa accepted; include complete address, signature and expiration date.


Articles may be reprinted, provided that no advertisement for a commercial product is implied or imprinted. Please credit California Agriculture, University of California, citing volume and number, or complete date of issue, followed by inclusive page numbers. Indicate ©[[year]] The Regents of the University of California. Photographs in print or online may not be reprinted without permission.
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