AJMH based CPE questionnaire.
Pub Date: 12/22/2006
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Issue: Date: Winter, 2006 Source Volume: 18 Source Issue: 4
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Full Text: The AJMH based CPE questionnaire system is a voluntary system designed to assist members in the accumulation of NHAA CPE points. Each completed question is worth one mark in the relevant category. The completed questionnaire(s) should be forwarded to the NHAA office with your completed CPE diary at the end of the financial year. For further information please see the NHAA CPE Member's Manual.

Herbal medicine questions--AJMH 18(4)

According to each article which of the following is most correct?

1. Potato juice was found to:

a) Cause constipation in some people.

b) Dose-dependently improve dyspeptic symptoms.

c) Therapeutically perform better as a concentrate.

d) Ameliorate dyspepsia non dose dependently.

2. Kava was regarded as:

a) Being completely safe without any adverse effects.

b) Increasing the likelihood of hepatotoxicity.

c) An effective short term treatment of anxiety.

d) Having no anxiolytic activity, demonstrated via HAM-A meta-analysis

3. Hops was not found to:

a) Increase the ketamine induced sleeping time of rats.

b) Increase the entries of rats into the open-arms of a maze test.

c) Lower the body temperature of rats.

d) Reduce locomotor activity of the rats.

4. Artemisinin's effect on BVDV was:

a) More effective than any of the other compounds tested.

b) Not effective at all.

c) Slightly effective.

d) Was most effective when used in combination with other antivirals.

5. A eucalyptus oil mix:

a) Should not be used on facial fistulas.

b) Causes pain when applied to neoplastic ulcers.

c) Has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on neoplastic ulcers.

d) Is toxic to neoplastic ulcers.

Medical science questions--AJMH 18(4)

1. Skin signs of disease

a) Gluten sensitive people can develop dermatitis.

b) Only 0.3% of patients with necrobiosis develop diabetes mellitus.

c) Clubbing of the fingers is a sign of hypothyroidism.

d) Clubbing of the fingers is a sign of sarcoidosis.

2. Salicylates as found in aspirin:

a) May be considered an essential part of a healthy diet for older people.

b) Should never be given to people who are missing essential nutrients.

c) Should not be given in herbs with gastrointestinal bleeding.

d) Cause inflammation when given in herbs.

3. Snoring:

a) Is most prevalent in young men who consume excess alcohol.

b) Is as common in women as it is in men.

c) Can be reduced with loss of weight, decrease in alcohol consumption and cessation of smoking.

d) Is best diagnosed using the Epworth sleepiness scale.

Answers to CPE 18(3) HM 1(c), 2(a), 3(b), 4(c), 5(b) MS 1(c), 2(a), 3(c)
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