2. Minutes of the 15th Council of the AAAP: September 24, 2008 in ICC, Hanoi, Vietnam.
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Full Text: Attendance

Abdullah, Muhammad (Pakistan)

Alam, M. Raisul (Bangladesh)

Baruah, Kishore Kumar (India)

Bush, Russell (Australia)

Charan, Chantalakhana (Thailand)

Duyen, Ta Thi Bich (Vietnam)

Eslami, Moossa (Iran)

Ha, Jong Kyu (Korea)

Hsia, Liang Chou (Taiwan)

Isariyodom, Supaporn (Thailand)

Jelan, Zainal Aznam (Malaysia)

Kashiwazaki, Naomi (Japan)

Khan, M. A. Samad (Bangladesh)

Kittayachaweng, Chayanon (Thailand)

Koizumi, Seiichi (Japan)

Li, Defa (China)

Litheland, Annette (New Zealand)

Ly, Le Viet (Vietnam)

Mahr-un-Nisa (Pakistan)

Ohh, Sang Jip (Korea)

Raza, Syed Hassan (Pakistan)

Sarwar, Muhamad (Pakistan)

Sato, Eimei (Japan)

Skunman, Pakapun (Thailand)

Steel, John W. (Australia)

Terada, Fuminori (Japan)

Thien, Nguyen Van (Vietnam)

Tieu, Hoang Van (Vietnam)

Wynn, Peter (Australia)


Welcome and introduction of council members

The President of the AAAP, Professor Nguyen Van Thien, welcomed all member country delegates to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance. He noted that 13 of the 19 AAAP member countries were represented and asked delegates to introduce themselves to the meeting. It was noted that representatives of Indonesia, Mongolia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, The Philippines and Sri Lanka were unable to attend the meeting.


No apologies were received.

Approval of the Minutes of the 14th Council Meeting

Professor Thien moved that the minutes of the 14th Council Meeting, held in Busan, Korea on 21st September 2006, as recorded and circulated be accepted as a true record of the meeting. The motion was passed unanimously.

Report from the President, Professor N. V. Thien

Professor Thien reported briefly on the 13th AAAP Congress in Hanoi. A total of 1001 papers had been submitted to the 13th AAAP Congress. These included 1 keynote address (ILRI), 13 plenary session papers, 67 papers from 7 satellite symposia and 920 contributed papers for 15 concurrent sessions. As far as the number of participants is concerned, it was a big success. A total of 18 AAAP member countries sent 1270 participants and 53 scientists came from 14 non-AAAP countries. It is not certain at the time of the council meeting, but the budget appears to be in good shape. Professor Thien indicated that since a much larger delegation than expected attended the congress, there were some unexpected problems. Prof. Thien concluded his report by expressing his gratitude to all member countries for their great support for the 13th AAAP.

Report from the Secretary General, Professor Jong Ha

Financial aspects:

Professor Ha presented a report on the financial status of AAAP for the period September 2006 to August 2008. This indicated that income was $US28,429.82 and expenditure was $US13,354.37 leaving a balance of $US15,075.45 Prof. Ha noted with gratitude the support of $US527.27 from KSAST and the donation of US$20,000 from the 12th AAAP Congress in Busan.

The AAAP budget for September 2008 to August 2010 was presented. This showed a projected income of $US20,285.07, which included membership fees being held at the present level of $US100 per country, support from KSAST of $US1000 and an undefined donation from the 13th AAAP.

It was noted that repayment to AAAP of the US$4000 loan made to the Indian Association of Animal Production had not commenced despite previous agreement in 2006 on a repayment schedule of half the loan at US$500/annum over 4 years. It was agreed by Council that the Indian AAP should be exempted from repayment of the entire loan and that the Secretary General would write to inform the Indian AAP of this decision.

Prof. Ha presented a report of membership fees paid as of September 2008. This showed that Australia, China, Japan, Korea and New Zealand, had all paid through to 2008. Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam were paid up to 2006. Several non-financial member countries had not paid membership fees since 2003. It was explained that Bangladesh has difficulty transferring money and needed documentation from AAAP outlining the amount owed so that acclaim could be made. After some discussion it was agreed by the meeting that the following member countries in arrears would be asked to pay the 2008 dues only: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka. Iran agreed to pay the last two years of arrears and India agreed to pay the full amount owing from 2006 onwards.

The Financial Report was accepted by the meeting.

Secretarial aspects:

Prof. Ha tabled a list of names with contact details of the current AAAP Council secretariat and delegates representing the 19 country members of AAAP.

Prof. Ha reported that the 7th AAAP Animal Science Award was made to Professor Wanapat for which the Hans' Animal Life Science Foundation provided the cash prize of $US3000 and a plaque.

The 9th AJAS--CAPI Outstanding Research Award was made to Dr Sung Woo Kim of USA for the most frequently cited article by international journals excluding AJAS, and to Dr Dheer Singh of India for the most outstanding research result.

It was confirmed that the 14th AAAP Animal Science Congress will be held in Taiwan in 2010. The procedure for detailed applications to host a future AAAP Congress was agreed to at the 14th Council meeting and accordingly a letter requesting countries wishing to host the 15th AAAP Animal Science Congress was sent out in May 2008. The AHA of Thailand submitted a detailed application in response.

The AAAP Statutes and By-Laws containing amendments made at the 14th Council meeting were tabled.

Reports from member countries

Written reports were tabled at the meeting from Thailand, Australia, Korea and Taiwan and are attached to the minutes. No verbal reports were offered by Council members.

Report on 14th AAAP Animal Science Congress

Professor Hsia gave a brief presentation on the arrangements for the 14th AAAP Animal Science Congress to be held in Taiwan in 2010. He distributed pamphlets, brochures and a DVD illustrating the congress venue, accommodation and travel arrangements together with general tourist information on Taiwan.

After some discussion it was agreed by the meeting that late August would be a better time for the Congress than the September date originally proposed. The meeting commended Prof Hsia on the overall concept, arrangements and location of the 14th Congress, in particular, the campus venue and affordable accessibility for young scientists and students.

Decision of the Venue of the 15th AAAP Congress

The proposal from the Animal Husbandry Association of Thailand to host the 15th AAAP in Bangkok near Kasetsart University in 2012 was accepted by the meeting.

Progress Report of AJAS by Editor-in-Chief (Prof. Jong K. Ha)

Prof. Ha tabled a progress report on AJAS over the period 2003 to 2007. This showed that the number of manuscripts received had increased steadily and had reached about 750 in 2006 and 2007. Approximately 260-280 papers were published annually in 2006 and 2007, so that the rejection rate was now about 70%. Impact factor had increased progressively to 2005 and now appeared relatively stable at 0.85-0.87 over the past 3 years. In 2007 the journal was ranked at 23 for Agriculture, Dairy and Animal Science journals.

The average time of the editorial reviewing process had declined substantially and for the past 2 years averaged two-thirds of a month, largely as a result of the introduction of the on-line management system early in 2006. English editing of manuscripts was required on 61-66 papers in 2006 and 2007.

The financial statement showed that in 2007 total annual income was $US226,940 and total annual expenditure was US$173,356 . Income from page charges and advertisement had increased as well as support from donations. Expenditure on postage and handling had decreased substantially and debt repayment of 30M\ was made in 2007.

The total number of subscribers was reduced from 954 in 2006 to 790 in 2007; this was due to a marked reduction in subscribers to the print version of the journal, many of which had been unfinancial for at least 2 years, offset by a substantial increase in the number of on-line subscribers.

Prof. Ha tabled the new subscription rates for the printed journal and new page charge policy which had been endorsed by the Editorial Board on 22 September 2008. These changes were aimed at 1) increasing the impact factor and reducing self-citation 2) meeting the global trend for free access to on-line journals; and 3) making authors responsible for a major portion of the publication cost of their papers.

Under these changes, free access would be provided to the on-line journal, subscription fees for the printed journal would be increased and page charges increased to authors with a minimum increase for Category B member countries. Professor Ha indicated that these fee increases would generate an estimated US$12-15000 per year, offsetting the loss of income from making on-line access free, and will apply from 2009.

In response to a query, Professor Ha indicated that rejection rate of submitted manuscripts was high because many submissions were of poor quality.

The progress report on AJAS was commended and approved by the meeting

Consideration of the 16th Council Meeting

The 16th Council Meeting will be held in Taiwan in August 2010.

Other Business

Council members were pleased to receive gifts from Thailand, Taiwan, Australia and Vietnam.

Closing of the Meeting

Council delegates joined Prof. Jelan in congratulating the Animal Husbandry Association of Vietnam and the various committees of the 13th AAAP Congress for the excellent organisation and smooth operation of the meeting and associated events.

Prof. Thien closed the meeting and thanked the delegates for their attendance.

24th September 2008 Minutes taken by John W Steel (Australia)
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