1. The 13th AAAP Animal Science Congress September 22(Mon) ~ 26(Fri), 2008 in NCC & ICC, Hanoi, Vietnam.
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Full Text: AAAP Officers and Organizing Committee



Tran Kim Anh

Le Van Bam

Dinh Van Chinh

Nguyen Manh Cuong

Dao Trong Dat

Hoang Kim Giao

Le Thanh Hai

Luu Trong Hieu

La Van Kinh

Le Ba Lich

Le Hong Man

Hoang Manh Quan

Nguyen Van Thuong

Hoang Van Tieu

Doan Xuan Truc

Nguyen Dang Vang

Tran Cong Xuan

International Advisory Committee


Peter Wynn


Defa Li (China)

Kishore Kumar Baruah (India)

Emei Sato (Japan)

Zainal Jelan (Malaysia)

Penny Back (New Zealand)

Liang Chou Hsia (Taiwan)

Metha Wanapat (Thailand)

Scientific Program Committee


Le Viet Ly

Vice Chairman

Vu Chi Cuong

Tran Quang Han

La Van Kinh

Ngo Van Man

Le Duc Ngoan

Vo Van Su

Nguyen Van Thu

Nguyen Xuan Trach

Dinh Van Tuyen

Tran Thanh Van

Financial Committee


Doan Xuan Truc


Dinh Van Cai

Nguyen Gia Duy

Hoang Kim Giao

Ta Thi Hang

Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen

Service Committee

Le Hong Man

Tong Tran Dao

Nguyen Quoc Dat

Doan Thi Khang

Le Quang Nghiep

Vu Ngoc Ty

Tran Thuy Duong


Nguyen Manh Dung

Tran Thi Mai Phuong

Le Xuan Cuong

Nguyen Thi Hoa Hau

Tri Thi Giang

2. Scientific programs

Total numbers of scientific papers presented in the 13th AAAP Animal Science Congress were 1001 papers from scientists representing 31 countries. There were 1 keynote address (ILRI), 13 plenary session papers, 67 papers from 7 satellite symposia and 920 contributed papers for 15 concurrent sessions.

The numbers of paper for the Congress was so remarkable (Refer Table 1). Host country, Vietnam (220) presented the highest number of papers followed by Korea (174), Thailand (142), Taiwan (99), China (92), Japan (84), Iran (50), Indonesia (29), Australia (22), India (17) and Pakistan (11).

3. Summary Report of the Congress

The 13th AAAP Animal Science Congress was held from 22-26, September 2008 at National Convention Center (ICC) & International Convention Center (ICC), Hanoi, Vietnam. Theme of the Congress "Animal Agriculture and the role of small holder farmers in a global economy" was appropriate and timely for scientists, farmers and livestock industries facing globalization.

A total of 1,273 delegates had participated in the 13th Congress, which is another record high participation in AAAP history. 18 AAAP member countries represent 1,220 participants [Australia(17), Bangladesh(3), China(96), India(24), Indonesia(27), Iran(38), Japan(118), Korea(220), Malaysia(17), Mongolia(2), Nepal (2), New Zealand(1), Pakistan (11), Philippines(5), Sri Lanka (1), Taiwan(128), Thailand(149), Vietnam(411)]. And 14 non-AAAP member countries represents 53 participants [Cambodia (4), Colombia (1), Denmark (4), Egypt (1), France (1), Germany (6), Hungary (1), Italy (6), Kenya (1), Lao (5), Netherlands (1), Nigerian (2), Norway (1), Singapore (1), Spain (3), Sweden (4), UK (5), USA (6)].

Since the printed amount of full text proceedings was too big to carry, the Organizing Committee had published full-text proceeding in CD and printed abstract proceedings.

The Opening Ceremony was held at Main Meeting Hall of National Convention Centre at 9.00 AM of 22nd (Mon) September 2008. Your Excellency, Dr. Cao Duc Phat, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam has made an Opening Address at the Opening Ceremony. During the Ceremony, AAAP Animal Science Award and AJAS-Purina Outstanding Research Award were awarded.

Welcoming reception was held on the evening of the opening day (Mon) at the Banquet Hall. More than 1,000 members had been welcomed at the reception with Vietnamese traditional music, youth music and good dinner.

The Farewell Dinner was held at the Banquet Hall of National Convention Centre. Over 800 members had enjoyed meals, music and dances performed by members from the attended countries.

The Closing ceremony was held at Large Meeting Hall on 16.00 25th (Fri) 2008. Excellent presentation Award (5 oral and 10 poster presentations) was given to 15 scientists who had been selected by Award Committee, and awardees were: Bouyai Doungnapa (Thailand), Bush David Russell (Australia), Chen Meng-Hsuan (Taiwan), Wu Yanquan (China), Lee Jun Heon (Korea), Doan Duc Vu (Vietnam), Lai Pui-Wah (Malaysia), Sung Il Kim (Korea), Tsai Yi-Yun (Taiwan), Yusuke Tabata (Japan), Kim Myunghoo (Korea), Hishimoto Takashi (Japan), Chen Yu-Hui (Taiwan), Wang Jianjun (China), Dontri Tippayarat (Thailand). The award committee consisted of Liang Chou Hsia (Taiwan) (Chairman), Le Viet Ly (Vietnam), Sang Jip Ohh (Korea), Shinichi Kume (Japan), Juan Boo Liang (Malaysia), Pakapun Skunmun (Thailand), Ruey Chee Weng (Taiwan).

Prof.Jong Kyu Ha on behalf of the AAAP have made Congress Synopsis, in which he highly evaluated the success of the 13th AAAP Congress.

The out-going 13th AAAP president Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Thien (Vietnam) had transferred AAAP flag to the newly elected president of AAAP Prof. Liang Chou Hsia (Taiwan) followed by invitation address to the next 14th AAAP Animal Science Congress on 2010 at Pintung, Taiwan.

It is a great pleasure to emphasize that in this big event in Hanoi we have had chance to gather many well known international scientists from the region and other continents and also enormous group of young colleagues in the region.

We appreciate very much the spiritual and material support from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam. We also would like to express our sincere thanks to many local and international Foundations, Projects and Companies, which have supported us for the success of the Congress.

We put in high consideration the help we got from the International Advisory Committee for its devoted help during the preparations for the Congress.

With great pleasure, the Organizing Committee expresses warm thankfulness to all the invited speakers and to all participants and accompanying persons. The 13th AAAP Animal Science Congress could not have been a success without them.

October 16, 2008

The Organizing Committee of The 13th AAAP Animal Science Congress, Hanoi, Vietnam
AAAP Officers:

President               Nguyen Van Thien (Vietnam)

Vice President          Le Viet Ly (Vietnam)
                        Liang Chou Hsia (Taiwan)

Imm. Past President     In Kee Paik (Korea)

Secretary-General       Jong K. Ha (Korea)

Organizing Committee:

Chairman             Nguyen Van Thien
Vice Chairman        Le Viet Ly
Secretary-General    Vu Chi Cuong

Table 1. Summary of the papers presented at the 13th AAAP
Animal Science Congress

                 Keynote       Plenary     Satellite
                  Address      Session      Symposia
                    (1)          (13)         (67)

Australia                         1            5
Bangladesh                        1            1
China                             0            5
India                             1            0
Indonesia                         0            1
Iran                              0            0
Japan                             1            7
Korea                             0            4
Malaysia                          1            1
Mongolia                          0            0
Nepal                             0            0
New Zealand                       0            0
Pakistan                          0            1
Philippines                       1            1
Taiwan                            0            7
Thailand                          2            6
Vietnam                           1            11
Cambodia                          0            1
Colombia                          1            1
Denmark                           0            0
Egypt                             0            0
France (CIRAD)                    1            0
Germany                           0            0
Italy (FAO)                       1            6
Kenya (ILRI)         1            0            0
Lao                               0            0
Netherlands                       0            0
Spain                             0            0
Sweden                            0            3
UK                                1            2
USA                               0            4

                Contributed     Total
                   (920)       (1,001)

Australia            16           22
Bangladesh            1            3
China                87           92
India                16           17
Indonesia            28           29
Iran                 50           50
Japan                76           84
Korea               170          174
Malaysia              5            7
Mongolia              1            1
Nepal                 2            2
New Zealand           2            2
Pakistan             10           11
Philippines           2            4
Taiwan               92           99
Thailand            134          142
Vietnam             208          220
Cambodia              0            1
Colombia              0            2
Denmark               1            1
Egypt                 1            1
France (CIRAD)        0            1
Germany               6            6
Italy (FAO)           1            8
Kenya (ILRI)          1            2
Lao                   4            4
Netherlands           1            1
Spain                 2            2
Sweden                1            4
UK                    0            3
USA                   2            6
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