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Kala, Chandra - - 2011
Worldwide, from the historical past, skin diseases have serious impacts on the quality of human life. Although attempts have been made to cure skin related disorders by applying modern medicines, skin diseases are still mainly cured by traditional healers in rural areas using plant species. In this context the specific ...
Hashem, Fatma - - 2011
Diet is the single greatest contributor to human cancer and may be associated with a 35%-70% incidence of the disease. Although various carcinogens are present in foods, their effects are minor compared with dietary components that inhibit the cancer process. The crude extract (80% alcohol) of leaves of Mayodendron igneum ...
Mandal, Asim - - 2011
Bacopa has been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine as a nervine tonic for centuries. The present study was carried out to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Bacopa caplets to improve memory and learning ability in a double blind placebo controlled clinical study. Bacopa caplets were given in ...
Sarris, Jerome - - 2011
While research on complementary medicine products is on the rise, study of the real life practice and outcomes of naturopathy and medical herbalism is nascent, thus exploration of the effectiveness and safety of this system of medicine is urgently required. This paper explores considerations of whole system research of naturopathic ...
Baxter, John - - 2011
Wimer, David - - 2011
The present study examined how the endorsement of traditional masculinity ideology, conformity to masculine norms, and help seeking style are related to the avoidance of academic help seeking by college men in psychology courses. One hundred seventy eight undergraduate males participated in the study. Results indicated that greater conformity to ...
Wong, Y. - - 2011
The purpose of this article is to describe the development of the Inventory of Subjective Masculinity Experiences (ISME) and to provide preliminary evidence for the psychometric properties of this scale. Subjective masculinity experiences are defined as men's subjective experiences of what it means to be a man (e.g., As a ...
Amato, Felix - - 2011
Despite drastic and severe fiscal cuts in services to the homeless, their need continues to remain very high. Men are a particularly vulnerable group among the homeless and continue to struggle with substance abuse, mental illness, and physical health issues. When faced with these struggles, men are often reluctant to ...
Froehlich, Maggie - - 2011
This essay examines relationships between men and the role patriarchal capitalism plays in the construction of sexuality in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (1925), a novel written during a critical period in the history of sexuality, as well as of gay and lesbian history. The ambivalence about male bonds--in ...
Baiada, Christa - - 2011
This article explores a recurrent theme in postwar American culture, a perceived crisis of manhood/masculinity, through Russell Banks's novel The Sweet Hereafter. On one level, Banks establishes a sense of anxiety and threat with roots in confused and devalued masculine roles. Linked in the narrative to the deaths of multiple ...
Eck, Alieta - - 2011
Schlafly, Andrew - - 2011
Scott, Bobby - - 2011
The hazard function model employed internationally in radiological risk assessment for deterministic (threshold-type) biological effects of moderate and high doses of ionizing radiation is used to distinguish three levels of risk for Fukushima recovery workers: life-threatening damage unlikely (RADHAZ low), possible (RADHAZ moderate), and likely (RADHAZ high). Based on hypothetical ...
- - 2011
Cangello, Vincent - - 2011
- - 2011
Bailey, Sharon - - 2011
Layman, Ruth - - 2011
- - 2011
Myers, Carole - - 2011
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