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Gillum, Deborah - - 2010
Background: The Amish are a culturally distinct religious sect who are the fastest growing rural group in the U.S. Little is known about their prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and its risk factors of the Amish The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence rates, risk factors, and ...
Gross, David - - 2010
Context: The professional literature indicates health has a positive correlation with socioeconomic status.
Boutsioli, Zoe - - 2010
This paper estimates demand variability in two rural hospitals in Greece. Three effects are tested: the weekend, the summer holiday and the official holiday. The dependent variable is the daily number of total hospital admissions during 2001-2005. We use the method of Ordinary Least Square. Both hospitals present lower total ...
Main, Maria - - 2010
The primary purposes of this study were to: 1) examine the accuracy for referral of two portable lipid analyzers (PLAs) in an old order Mennonite population through a comparison to a national standardized reference laboratory, 2) examine the relationship of total cholesterol values with other known cardiovascular risk factors, and ...
Wells, Margaret - - 2010
Background: Possessing high levels of resilience may be one factor that helps older adults adjust to the hardships associated with aging. Residing in a rural, urban, or suburban location may impact the resilience level of older adults.
Jukkala, Angela - - 2010
Rural healthcare organizations face significant challenges when implementing quality and safety initiatives due to limited human and financial resources. The Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), a new nursing role developed to address the quality and safety concerns of healthcare organizations and providers, may prove to be an exceptionally valuable member of ...
Morrison, Ruby - - 2010
Considered preventable by the National Cancer Institute, cervical cancer continues to be a severe health threat for women. Although efforts at early detection have resulted in a decline of 50% in incidence and mortality in the in the last 30 years, still more than 14,000 new cases of cervical cancer ...
Findholt, Nancy - - 2010
Little is known about the effect of the rural environment on children's physical activity and food choices. In this study, six rural adolescents participated in a photovoice assessment to document conditions that influenced children's activity and diets. Physical activity was hindered by inadequate recreational resources, unsafe streets, and distance, but ...
Francis, Karen - - 2010
Hegney, Desley - - 2010
Collins, Angela - - 2010
Dunkin, Jeri - - 2010
Quintero, David - - 2010
Hixson, Ronald - - 2010
Nimon, Kim - - 2010
Sajid, Ayesha - - 2010
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