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Hacimustafaoglu, Mustafa - - 2010
- - 2010
Baloglu, Hale - - 2010
Idiopathic facial paralysis is the mononeuropathy Multiple recurrences of idiopathic facial paralysis in a patient may be the sign or sympton of a serious illness. therefore; in recurrent cases, family history, systemic diseases and malignancy must be investigated. In this report, a case of recurrent idiopathic facial paralysis is presented. ...
Altindag, Ozlem - - 2010
Heterotopic ossification is a process characterized by the lamellar bone formation in tissues that do not ossify under normal conditions. Although the etiology is not entirely clear, trauma has been considered as an initiating factor for heterotopic ossification. Heterotopic ossification generally occurs in the hip, knee and shoulder joints. Cases ...
Karacan, Ilhan - - 2010
Objective: Immobilization of an injured extremity leads to a rapid loss of bone. It is somewhat unclear why one traumatic insult should give rise to bone loss in one patient, while the identical insult in another patient does not. The aim of this study was to investigate whether there were ...
Gossec, Laure - - 2010
Patient reported outcomes have become increasingly important in the evaluation of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) over recent years. Besides pain and functional capacity, fatigue, sleep and well-being are also important for RA patients. We will discuss here the importance of patient-reported outcomes, different domains of health, and how to evaluate them, ...
- - 2010
Brown, Ted - - 2010
In this review, 39 articles published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy in 2008 and 2009 that were categorized in the practice area of children and youth were examined using content analysis. The most frequent type of research published was basic research, which accounted for 38.5% (n = 15) ...
Wong, Christopher - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. The objective was to determine the reliability of a portable forearm strength hydraulic dynamometer with a doorknob handle and assess its validity compared with a Cybex6000 (Cybex International, Inc., Medway, MA) isometric torque assessment.
Yonkman, Janell - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. We compared observed and reported practice among children with special health care needs transported in wheelchairs with the recommendations from the American National Standards Institute/ Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America Committee on Wheelchairs and Transportation voluntary standards for best practice for using wheelchairs in vehicles.
Murphy, Susan - - 2010
We describe the development and evaluation of a clinical research training program designed specifically for such health professionals as occupational and physical therapists. Outcomes of program success included trainees' self-rating of research skills before and after the program, as well as submission of a formal grant application to a grant ...
Hwang, Jengliang - - 2010
This study was conducted to develop and validate the Health Enhancement Lifestyle Profile (HELP), a self-report measure for examining various aspects of health-related lifestyle in older adults. Data derived from 253 community-dwelling older adults were analyzed through the Rasch measurement model. Unidimensionality and data-model fit of HELP were largely supported ...
Colyvas, Jessica - - 2010
This study investigated early intervention occupational therapists' use of strategies to teach caregivers. A sample of 40 videotapes made by early intervention occupational therapists was randomly selected from an archival videotape data set of provider home visits. The sample included 20 videotapes illustrating traditional services and 20 videotapes illustrating therapists ...
Munkholm, Michaela - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. The objective was to determine whether the School Version of the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (School AMPS) is valid when used to evaluate students in different world regions.
Chien, Chi-Wen - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. We developed the Assessment of Children's Hand Skills (ACHS) to evaluate hand skills using naturalistic observation and examined the assessment's interrater and test--retest reliability.
Roberts, Gwenyth - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. We studied whether Grade 4-6 students who participated in a kinesthetic writing intervention improved in legibility, speed, and personal satisfaction with cursive handwriting.
Earley, Donald - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. This case report addresses the use of therapeutic occupations and activities within a modified constraint-induced movement therapy (mCIMT) approach for a 52-yr-old female violinist 4 yr after ischemic stroke.
Preissner, Katharine - - 2010
This case report describes the use of the Occupational Therapy Task-Oriented Approach with a client with occupational performance limitations after a cerebral vascular accident. The Occupational Therapy Task-Oriented Approach is often suggested as a preferred neurorehabilitation intervention to improve occupational performance by optimizing motor behavior. One common critique of this ...
Hardy, Kathleen - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. Conventional methods for managing upper-extremity (UE) spasticity are invasive, usually require readministration after a certain time period, and do not necessarily increase UE function. This study examined efficacy of combining two singularly efficacious modalities--UE bracing and electrical stimulation--with functional training to reduce UE spasticity and improve function.
Kim, Hwan - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. We assessed evidence for post-acute traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation interventions used to enhance community integration (CI) relevant to occupational therapy.
Nilsen, Dawn - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. We sought to determine whether mental practice is an effective intervention to improve upper-limb recovery after stroke.
Maitra, Kinsuk - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. This study was a retrospective chart analysis spanning 5 yr that investigated associations between occupational therapy interventions and goal-based positive outcomes in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and related disorders at discharge in an urban inpatient rehabilitation setting.
Hall, Barbara - - 2010
OBJECTIVE. This pilot study compared the effectiveness of 3 postoperative rehabilitation protocols for patients with Zones V and VI extensor tendon lacerations.
Gutman, Sharon - - 2010
Rudwick, Stephanie - - 2010
South Africa was one of the first countries in the world to include a sexual orientation clause in its Bill of Rights and in 2006 became the first African country to legalise same-sex marriage. Research studies on gay and lesbian speech varieties, however, have thus far been limited to Cage's ...
Ingle, Mark - - 2010
In recent years perceptions of South Africa's arid Karoo have been radically transformed. Whereas the Karoo was once regarded as a desolate wasteland, it is now being punted as a positively trendy region, both to live in and to explore. Many enterprising niche tourism operators have positioned themselves to profit ...
Greenburg, Jennifer - - 2010
The scale and brutality of the May 2008 xenophobic attacks in South Africa elicited among domestic and international onlookers a sense of horror and shock. These attacks were prefigured by multiple instances of xenophobic violence throughout the country in the preceding years. This paper argues that it is necessary to ...
Erasmus, Zimitri - - 2010
Situated at the interface of a sociology of race and a jurisprudence of transformative social justice, I explore the implications of South Africa's legacy of racialised citizenship for constructing substantive citizenship in post-1994 South African everyday life. To this end, I focus on Justice Sachs' dissenting judgment handed down by ...
Sinwell, Luke - - 2010
The majority of the South African literature on participatory development has suggested that the ANC government's approach to participation actually restricts citizens' ability to influence development. While scholars have exposed some of the dominant trends which are associated with the government's approach to participation, this article argues that they have ...
Matthews, Sally - - 2010
The theme of reconciliation remains an important one in South African politics. The issue of reconciliation was recently highlighted by South African Human Rights Commission chairperson, Jody Kollapen. According to Kollapen, in South Africa we have a problematic narrow interpretation of reconciliation, one that presents reconciliation and transformation as being ...
- - 2010
Dunstan, Bruce - - 2010
Dorris, Michael - - 2010
Luther, Harry - - 2010
Manzanares, Jose - - 2010
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