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Rorabaugh, W.J. - - 2009
Longstreth, Richard - - 2009
Mintz, Steven - - 2009
Harsch, Donna - - 2009
Huston, James - - 2009
Katz, Michael - - 2009
Michael Katz, "Review Essay: Can America Ecucate Itself out of Inequality?"
Fett, Sharla - - 2009
Three recent studies by historians Todd Savitt, Steven Stowe, and Marie Jenkins Schwartz demonstrated both the importance of social history methods to southern medical studies and the insights that medical history offers to understanding slavery and race in the U.S. South. Todd Savitt's collection of essays combine the insights of ...
Smith, Alison - - 2009
Based on numerous letters sent between a number of peasants from a small Russian serf village and the Moscow-based office that managed them for their owner, this article examines one particular disruption of normal village life--in this case a demand for an army recruit from a village with fewer than ...
Corley, Christopher - - 2009
Recent historical interest in early modern urban space has largely ignored the place of children and youth in the city. This study uses criminal records from seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Dijon, France to determine the triggers, locations, and contexts for disputes involving young people. The essay demonstrates that while young people ...
Thomas, Samuel - - 2009
"Early Modern Midwifery: Splitting the Profession, Connecting the History" examines the status of midwives in early modern England and makes two substantive claims. First, it argues that while historians have recognized that midwives came from across the social spectrum, they have failed to incorporate this knowledge into their analyses. Work ...
Hindson, Bethan - - 2009
Menstruation and menstrual blood are topics that have been neglected by many historians yet they are vital concepts to use in understanding early modern society. This article attempts to resolve this tack of historiographical coverage by offering a concise analysis and discussion of the flux and its consequences in the ...
Tripp, Steve - - 2009
This essay deciphers the complexities of early twentieth century American male sports spectator behavior by examining how baseball fans responded to one of the most controversial athletes of the early 20th century--Ty Cobb. By exploring the ways in which fans interpreted Cobb's fierce style of play, this essay argues baseball ...
Amato, Sarah - - 2009
This article shows how the exhibition of a white elephant, owned by Phineas Taylor Barnum, the American showman and trickster, became a forum to discuss nineteenth-century theories of race. To nineteenth-century Britons, white elephants were potent symbols of white superiority, allegedly holy to the kings of Siam and Burma, and ...
Kropp, Phoebe - - 2009
In the late nineteenth century, many well-off white Americans turned the practice of camping out into a leisure activity. Where camping had existed as a mode of ordinary travel, a staging ground for labor, a necessary skill of foot soldiers, and an activity associated with transients, for some it arose ...
Hixson, Ronald - - 2009
Nimon, Kim - - 2009
Fair, David - - 2009
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