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Funk, Daniel - - 2009
The ability to draw attendees to performances is vital to the success of a sport organization. As a result, sport managers and academics attempt to investigate motivations that drive decisions to attend events. In order to make predictions, academic demands have lead to the proliferation of instruments and constructs to ...
Robinson, Matthew - - 2009
Grozea-Helmenstein, Daniela - - 2009
This paper analyzes the attractiveness of 61 NUTS-2 EU regions as FDI locations, with an emphasis on the Austrian regions and the border regions in the neighbouring countries. To this end, the paper proposes a novel benchmarking methodology, which is based on the solution of a non-linear and non-convex optimisation ...
Lepik, Katri-Liis - - 2009
Euroregions are administrative-territorial structures intended to promote cross-border cooperation between neighbouring local or regional authorities of different countries located along shared state borders. They are widely known tools of cooperation among the regions. Having integrated structures and their own financial resources, euroregions are able to address a variety of cross-border ...
Nielsen, Kristian - - 2009
Within neoliberal approaches to the study of International Relations there is a consensus that nongovernmental actors and their potential impact need to be studied more. This article examines how Estonian civil society organisations are acting as agents in the general Europeanisation processes. The framework within which they operate, the European ...
Scott, James - - 2009
The European Union is presently constructing a new model of regional cooperation that includes not only economic objectives but also social, cultural and environmental agendas. One of the main challenges this project faces is the development of closer ties to neighbouring states without offering outright membership to the EU. As ...
Veebel, Viljar - - 2009
The concept of positive conditionality has been seen as 'the golden carrot' of the EU's external relations, enlargement and neighbourhood policies. Regarded as a mutually important and valuable method of partnership between the EU and its partner countries to develop social, political and economic progress with an effective motivation system, ...
Potter, Polyxeni - - 2009
Renvoise, Aurelie - - 2009
Schultz, Myron - - 2009
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