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Adkins, Sharon - - 2008
Payne, Kate - - 2008
Jacob, Susan - - 2008
Watson, George - - 2008
Arnett, Jerome C., - - 2008
Diamond, Eugene - - 2008
Rosenwasser, Tamzin - - 2008
Huntoon, Lawrence - - 2008
Cihak, Robert - - 2008
Blaylock, Russell - - 2008
- - 2008
Schofield, Toni - - 2008
The subject of gender and health inequalities is contested territory in health policy, research and practice. Yet there is a dominant approach which I describe as a form of technocratic rationality. Its application imposes significant limitations because it represents the problem of gender and health in terms of measurable sex ...
Baker, Emma - - 2008
Women and the households that they head are over-represented among the most economically and socially disadvantaged households in Australia. Recent changes in the provision of housing assistance for low income households in Australia have distinct implications for women and this paper examines the implications of these changes. Shifting the emphasis ...
Osborne, Katy - - 2008
Participation in voluntary groups is potentially an important way to create health promoting social capital. This paper investigates women's participation in voluntary groups, utilising data from a postal survey of 968 female respondents and in-depth interviews with 30 women. Logistic regression was conducted to examine factors associated with frequency of ...
Ackerson, Leland - - 2008
While a growing body of literature has investigated the health impact of intimate partner violence (IPV), less has been written on the social determinants of IPV. The authors use multilevel modeling methods to analyze data from a sample of 83,627 women in India to examine the socioeconomic and demographic patterning ...
Bentley, Rebecca - - 2008
Gender equity describes the distribution between men and women of social and material resources and decision-making powers. Women's experiences of gender equity are likely to influence their contraceptive use. Multilevel analysis of two databases: the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles from the United Kingdom and the United Nations' ...
Kavanagh, Anne - - 2008
Gender has been neglected in models of the social determinants of health. We use walking as a case study to demonstrate how gender might be incorporated into multilevel social determinants of health frameworks to investigate health behaviours. We found that while men and women had some similar individual (e.g. confidence ...
McCalman, Janet - - 2008
This paper reviews the Australian historical record in health and gender inequalities since the mid nineteenth century through to the end of the twentieth century, using survival data from an historical cohort of impoverished people born in the Melbourne Lying-In Hospital between 1857 and 1900. This data reveals the long ...
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