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Anguria, P. - - 2012
Background. The relative importance of environmental and hereditary factors in the occurrence of pterygium in African blacks has not been reported.
Smith, D.C. - - 2012
Objective. To determine the frequency and distribution of polyglutamine spinocerebellar ataxias (SCAs) from referrals over a 24-year period to the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) in South Africa (SA).
McCallum, Ian - - 2012
Karstaedt, A.S. - - 2012
This retrospective cohort study describes causes of death in 305 patients (baseline median CD4 count 26/[micro]l) from 2 943 adults on antiretroviral therapy. Acute sepsis (20%), tuberculosis (18%) and Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) bacteraemia (14%) were the most common causes. Mortality owing to the disease was 66% for MAC bacteraemia ...
Bohm, L. - - 2012
Introduction. Diagnosis of prostate cancer by prostate specific antigen (PSA) is error-prone and cannot distinguish benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) from malignant disease, nor identify aggressive and indolent types.
Ferreira, N. - - 2012
Background. Osteosarcoma is the most common malignant bone tumour found in children and adolescents. Changed treatment protocols have resulted in improved survival and the opportunity for limb salvage surgery. Despite these advances, the outcome is mainly determined by the stage of disease at presentation, making early referral to a tumour ...
Dambisya, Yoswa - - 2012
Background. There is much concern about the migration of health professionals from developing countries, and the contribution of active recruitment to the phenomenon. One active recruitment strategy is advertisements in professional journals and other media.
Turkbeyler, Ibrahim - - 2012
We describe the diagnosis of a 77-year-old woman admitted to our outpatient department with a 3-month history of abdominal bloating and distension. Abdominal computed tomography revealed a large cystic lesion in the posterior segment of the right hepatic lobe, with a separated germinal layer and widespread ascites with dense internal ...
Eshraghian, Ahad - - 2012
The presence of a familial disease among royal members of 18th dynasty of the new kingdom who ruled in Egypt from the mid-16th to the early 11th centuries BC has been established, largely prompted by the bizarre body shape of Akhenaten (the iconoclastic pharaoh of this dynasty) and his family, ...
Mahomed, Zeyn - - 2012
Reports about The Horn of Africa Famine Crisis in 2011 flooded our news bulletins and newspapers. Yet the nations of the world failed to respond and alleviate the unfolding disaster. In August 2011, the Gift of the Givers Foundation mobilised what was to become the largest humanitarian mission ever conducted ...
Erasmus, Nicolette - - 2012
Owing to a chronic shortage of medical staff in South Africa, sleep-deprived medical interns and community service doctors work up to 200 hours of overtime per month under the state's commuted overtime policy. Nurses moonlight in circumvention of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. For trainee doctors, overtime over 80 ...
Parrish, Andy - - 2012
The internationally accepted practice of prescribing prophylactic antibiotics to individuals at risk of infective endocarditis has come under scrutiny. There are no published high-quality randomised controlled trials of the intervention, but new insights have emerged. Bacteraemic episodes are common following simple activities such as brushing teeth. Endocarditis following procedures is ...
Eidelman, Irvine - - 2012
Fowler, Samantha - - 2012
The Hot Seat is a discussion-based activity that requires students enrolled in a biology course for non-majors to pose a question to the class that is related to the current lecture topic and facilitate a brief class discussion. This paper describes the Hot Seat, how it is assessed, and how ...
Hippensteel, Scott - - 2012
The primary decorative flooring tile in the Southpark Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina, is fossiliferous limestone that contains Jurassic ammonoids and belemnoids. Visible in these tiles are more than 500 ammonoids, many of which have been cross sectioned equatorially perpendicular to the plane of coiling. Upper-level undergraduate students from UNC ...
Lankford, Deanna - - 2012
Diffusion and osmosis are important biological concepts that students often struggle to understand. These are important concepts because they are the basis for many complex biological processes, such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration. We examine a wide variety of representations used by experienced teachers to teach diffusion and osmosis. To ...
Bass, Christa - - 2012
It has become apparent through the work of many researchers and practitioners that adults learn differently than their younger counterparts in the educational system. This is especially important to those educators teaching in colleges and universities in the sciences. Biology education in the post-secondary setting is inundated with teachers who ...
Poli, Dorothybelle - - 2012
Collaboration between two biologists and a physicist resulted in the example of tattooing being used as a motivator to support discussion across several scientific fields (cell biology, microbiology, human health, and physics). Although often viewed as self-destructive and rebellious in the Western world, tattooing has a deep and rich history ...
Brickman, Peggy - - 2012
Students must learn content knowledge and develop scientific literacy skills to evaluate and use scientific information in real-world situations. Recognizing the accessibility of scientific information to the average citizen, we developed an instructional approach to help students learn how to judge the quality of claims. We describe a project-based applied ...
Leonard, William - - 2012
French, Donald - - 2012
Bokor, Julie - - 2012
Practicing correct pipetting procedure doesn't have to be boring. "Pipetting by Coordinates" is an effective way to teach necessary pipetting skills in an enjoyable manner. Students create designs as they add volumes of colored water to specific wells and gain experience using a basic biotechnology tool.
Grammer, Robert - - 2012
We propose a procedure for the assay of fermentation in yeast in microcentrifuge tubes that is simple and rapid, permitting assay replicates, descriptive statistics, and the preparation of line graphs that indicate reproducibility. Using regression and simple derivatives to determine initial velocities, we suggest methods to compare the effects of ...
- - 2012
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