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Morley, Mary - - 2011
Government reforms in the United Kingdom are introducing elements of choice and competition to the provision of health and social care. Responsibility for marketing occupational therapy rests with individual practitioners and managers through a client-centred approach to service delivery. There is a need for the profession to support the development ...
Fuller, Kate - - 2011
Introduction: The routine use of outcome measures is essential to the maintained delivery of quality care and the continued commissioning of mental health occupational therapy services. Occupational therapists are required to demonstrate that intervention is successful in an evidence-based, valid and reliable way. Therefore, this critical review aims to address ...
Unsworth, Carolyn - - 2011
Background: The Occupational Therapy Driver Off Road Assessment (OT-DORA) Battery is in development as a comprehensive off-road evaluation of fitness to drive. Although several psychometric properties of the Road Law and Road Craft Test (RLRCT) have been previously studied, interrater reliability must also be established to include this test in ...
Brown, Ted - - 2011
Background: Listening and communication are two critical aspects of positive relationships. In the context of health care, they have been found to have a positive impact on many aspects of client care, including patient satisfaction, emotional wellbeing, and functional and physiological status. However, little is understood about the specific listening ...
Atwal, Anita - - 2011
Purpose: This study evaluated the use, quality and readability levels of occupational therapists' pre-discharge home visit information leaflets.
Tzanidaki, Despina - - 2011
Aim: The aim of the study was to investigate the meanings of making traditional arts and crafts among older, retired women living in rural Crete, and the contribution of these occupations to wellbeing. Previous relevant research, conducted mainly in the United Kingdom and United States, had largely neglected the experiences ...
Nyman, Samuel - - 2011
Introduction: The representations of old age in falls prevention websites were explored and considered for their potential impact on older people's uptake of the advice.
- - 2011
- - 2011
Amato, Sheila - - 2011
Geruschat, Duane - - 2011
Zojonc, Stephanie - - 2011
Case studies generate active discussion and decision-making skills. This 50-minute case-study lesson teaches high school and undergraduate students about a fundamental and private aspect of their lives, birth control methods. Students direct their own learning by researching, teaching one another about, and making recommendations about the methods. Students are more ...
Poli, Dorothybelle - - 2011
Teaching the scientific method can be a challenge for any teacher, and finding a way to engage students can become more difficult as culture changes. Sex has always been an interesting and popular topic for students, so I used mini-lessons in safer sex, STIs, and condoms as tools to teach ...
Fonseca, Maria - - 2011
This work details a science experiment on garlic's antibiotic properties designed to acquaint high school and introductory-level undergraduate students with concepts such as natural antibiotics, bioactive substances, and biosafety. This activity is optimized to be implemented by teachers with limited experience in laboratory activities and/or in poorly equipped schools. A ...
Baker, Stacy - - 2011
In this two-part activity, students examine living cervical cancer cells and chromosomes from a women named Henrietta Lacks who died over 60 years ago, but whose cancer cells continued to divide and grow even after her death. Students then debate the legal and bioethical issues surrounding the use of her ...
Rosenzweig, Jason - - 2011
In an effort to update the microbiology teaching-lab curriculum by making lab experiments more current, we designed a microbiology lab experiment that used the polymerase chain reaction to identify microbes growing in students' homes. This experiment successfully engaged students, reinforced theoretical information presented in lectures, provided our students with valuable ...
Stein, Richard - - 2011
This article presents a brief overview of the impact that antibiotic use in clinical medicine and in other settings, such as agriculture and animal farming, exerts on antimicrobial resistance. Resistance has been described to all antibiotics that are currently in use, and resistant strains were sometimes reported as soon as ...
Liu, Dennis - - 2011
Monsqur, Chris - - 2011
Cowles, Elizabeth - - 2011
Flannery, Maura - - 2011
Allchin, Douglas - - 2011
Ward, Daniel - - 2011
Strachan, B. - - 2011
Background. An aim of the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) project 'Strengthening Academic Medicine and Specialist Training' was to research the number and needs of specialists and subspecialists within South Africa.
Maphephu, Seako - - 2011
Reference intervals of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and non-HDL cholesterol concentrations were determined on 309 blood donors from an urban and peri-urban population of Botswana. Using non-parametric methods to establish 2.5th and 97.5th percentiles of the distribution, the intervals were: total cholesterol 2.16-5.52 mmol/l; non-HDL cholesterol 1.22-4.48 mmol/l; and HDL ...
Gabriels, Gary - - 2011
Background. There is no clear distinction between the regulation of food, supplements and medicines in South Africa. Consequently, grey areas exist in implementing the legislation, particularly in the supplement industry. The increase in supplement sales in South Africa can be attributed to aggressive marketing by manufacturers whose claims are not ...
Mbonile, L. - - 2011
An epidemic of acute conjunctivitis in Dar es Salaam in 2010 demonstrated the importance of a strong infectious diseases epidemiological surveillance network to minimise disease outbreaks. Misunderstanding of the causes and management of diseases explains the repetitive nature of acute haemorrhagic conjunctivitis (AHC) in Dar es Salaam. This paper discusses ...
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