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Nair, Vinod - - 2010
Background & objectives: The aetiology of gastric ulcers is not completely understood and continuous use of anti-ulcer agents leads to many side effects. In this study we evaluated the anti-ulcer efficacy of a polyherbal formulation with potent antioxidant activity in aspirin and pyloric ligature induced gastric ulcers in rats.
Fioravanti, Antonella - - 2010
Background & objectives: Several in vitro studies have shown the importance of mechanical compression or hydrostatic pressure (HP) as a modulator of cartilage metabolism. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the in vitro effects of cyclical low HP (1-5 MPa) and continuous high HP (24 MPa) applied in the ...
Sharma, Priyamvada - - 2010
Background & objectives: Cannabis is one of the most commonly abused drugs worldwide. There is a distinct clinical correlation between cannabis abuse and mental disorders. However, it is essential to establish cannabis intake in the abusers in order to establish causality between cannabis and psychiatric illness. The limitations of current ...
Raval, Amit - - 2010
Background & objectives: Depression is common among people with diabetes and it is associated with poor outcomes. This study was carried out to investigate the prevalence and determinants of depression in patients with established type 2 diabetes (T2DM) attending a tertiary care hospital in north India.
Rinaldi, Salvatore - - 2010
Background & objectives: Chronic social stress is an important factor responsible for the worsening of depressive disorders in humans. In this study we present the relational Neuro-Psycho-Physical Optimization (NPPO) with Radio Electric Asymmetric Conveyer (REAC-CRM) as the treatment to tackle the unconscious dysfunction adjustments carried out by the central nervous ...
Gupta, Anuj - - 2010
Background & objectives: Drug efflux pumps have been contributing factor(s) in the development of multidrug resistance in various clinically relevant bacteria. During efflux pump gene expression studies on mycobacteria, we have found a previously uncharacterized open reading frame (ORF) Rv2459 to be overexpressed in drug stressed conditions. The objective of ...
Mehendale, Sanjay - - 2010
Background & objective: A phase 1 trial of adeno-associated virus based HIV-1 subtype C vaccine (tgAAC09) was conducted at two sites in Germany and Belgium and one site in India. This paper reports the safety and immunogenicity of tgAAC09 in healthy adult Indian volunteers.
Nagarajan K. - - 2010
Background & objectives: With the emergence of a new reassortant influenza A H1N1 virus that caused the 2009 pandemic it was felt necessary that pigs should be closely monitored for early detection of any influenza virus infection. Therefore, we investigated disease outbreaks with clinical history suggestive for swine influenza reported ...
Jadi, R.S. - - 2010
Background & objectives: Since not much information on Chandipura virus is available, an attempt was made to study the growth kinetics of the virus in certain vertebrate, invertebrate cell lines and embryonated chicken eggs.
Kulkarni, Ragini - - 2010
Background & objectives: Reliable data on mortality and morbidity among women of reproductive age group are scarce in India. The present study is the Maharashtra component of a large multicentric task force study on the cause of death by verbal autopsy conducted in five States of India. The data pertaining ...
Bhatt, Anant - - 2010
In the recent years, knowledge about cancer biomarkers has increased tremendously providing great opportunities for improving the management of cancer patients by enhancing the efficiency of detection and efficacy of treatment. Recent technological advancement has enabled the examination of many potential biomarkers and renewed interest in developing new biomarkers. Biomarkers ...
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Williams, Rose - - 2010
Buratti, Jon - - 2010
Hoffman, E.J. - - 2010
Emeka, Mauris - - 2010
Gonzalez, Nicholas - - 2010
Cousineau, Frank - - 2010
Somers, Suzanne - - 2010
Klatz, Ronald - - 2010
Marchese, Marianne - - 2010
Moss, Ralph - - 2010
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Gaby, Alan - - 2010
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