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Schurmann, Anna - - 2009
Civil society has the potential to have a positive impact on social exclusion and health equity through active monitoring and increased accountability. This paper examines the role of civil society in Bangladesh to understand why this potential has not been realized. Looking at two models of civil society action--participation in ...
Ahmed, Syed - - 2009
Microcredit is advocated as a development tool that has the potential to reduce poverty, empower participants, and improve health. Results of several studies have shown that the extreme poor, or the ultra-poor, often are unable to benefit from traditional microcredit programmes and can, as a result of taking a loan ...
Rispel, Laetitia - - 2009
The global resurgence of interest in the social determinants of health provides an opportunity for determined action on unacceptable and unjust health inequalities that exist within and between countries. This paper reviews three categories of social inclusion policies: cash-transfers; free social services; and specific institutional arrangements for programme integration in ...
Cotching, W.E. - - 2009
Dermosols (24%) and Organosols (14.8%) are the dominant soil orders in Tasmania, with the mapped occurrence of >985 000 ha of Organosols in Tasmania being the greatest in any Australian State. Tenosols and Rudosols are well represented in all 3 natural resource management (NRM) regions and Kurosols are more prevalent ...
Yong, Wang - - 2009
The effect of phosphate adsorption on zeta potential of the colloids of variable charge soils and the effect of ionic strength on phosphate adsorption by the soils were investigated using batch experimental method. The presence of phosphate resulted in the decrease in zeta potential and isoelectric point (IEP) of the ...
Thiyagarajan, Chitdeshwari - - 2009
Bauxite-processing residue must be disposed of in specifically designed facilities for long-term management. Consideration of alkalinity, salinity, sodium content, and poor nutritional status is essential for successful rehabilitation of residue disposal areas (RDA). The aim of this study was to examine the availability and distribution of the micronutrients, B, Cu, ...
Dejuan, Zhi - - 2009
In order to examine how nematodes respond to sand dune succession after stabilisation and reclamation techniques, nematode communities were investigated in sand dunes stabilised for 0, 16, 26, 43, and 51 years in the Tengger Desert, China. Our results revealed that the abundance of nematodes; the proportion of fungivores, omnivores, ...
Lopez-Vicente, M. - - 2009
This paper studies the spatial variation of topsoil moisture within different soil types in a medium-size catchment at the Spanish Pre-Pyrenees (Estana catchment, 2.5 [km.sup.2]) using seasonal data at high spatial resolution. Topsoil moisture was measured with a Delta-T Theta Probe ML2x device to 80 mm soil depth and at ...
Yang, M. - - 2009
This study investigated scale dependency of certain soil salinity ions in topsoil horizons in the Yellow River Delta in north-east Shandong province, China. Factorial kriging analysis (FKA) was used to analyse spatial variability of soil salinity ions ([Na.sup.+], [K.sup.+], [Mg.sup.2+], [Ca.sup.2+], [Cl.sup.-] S[O.sub.4.sup.2-]) sampled at 3 nested areas over a ...
Hardie, M.A. - - 2009
Production of fresh market salad and lettuce in southern Tasmania has reduced soil organic carbon levels, resulting in the development of surface crusts, erosion, and poor water infiltration. Options for increasing soil organic carbon under this production system are limited by strict food safety protocols which prohibit the use of ...
Houlbrooke, D.J. - - 2009
In New Zealand, the winter grazing of standing forage crops combines high animal stocking densities with soil water and climatic conditions conducive to soil compaction and pugging deformation. The extent of soil damage under winter forage cropping practices and impact of management factors such as stock type and irrigation on ...
Tatzber, Michael - - 2009
The stabilisation of 14C-labelled farmyard manure was investigated under different cropping systems (crop rotation, monoculture, and bare fallow) in a long-term field experiment established in 1967. Solid-state [sup.13]C-NMR of bulk soils yielded a gradient of increasing aromatic properties in the order: straw manure-crop rotation < straw manure monoculture < straw ...
Allen, D.E. - - 2009
Land use change from agriculture to forestry offers potential opportunities for carbon (C) sequestration and thus partial mitigation of increasing levels of carbon dioxide (C[O.sub.2]) in the atmosphere. The effects of land use change of grazed pastures on in situ fluxes of nitrous oxide ([N.sub.2]O) and methane (C[H.sub.4]) from soil ...
Cornwall, Sharon - - 2009
Flannery, Maura - - 2009
Eastwell, Peter - - 2009
Leonard, Bill - - 2009
Moore, John - - 2009
Muckart, David - - 2009
Ahmed, A. - - 2009
Background. The most appropriate management of penetrating neck injury (PNI) remains controversial. This study was conducted to determine the accuracy and safety of physical examination as the basis of selective observational management of PNI at our institution.
Krige, J.E.J. - - 2009
Background. This study evaluated the incidence of rebleeding and death at 6 weeks after a first episode of acute variceal haemorrhage (AVH) treated by emergency endoscopic sclerotherapy in a large cohort of alcoholic cirrhotic patients.
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Kent, Athol - - 2009
Drife, James - - 2009
van Dongen, Pieter - - 2009
The expression caesarean section (CS) is most probably creative etymology and not derived from the CS allegedly performed on the mother of Julius Caesar. Mythology and legends emphasise the importance of being 'superhuman' if delivered by CS, and therefore avoid mentioning normal vaginal delivery. Many religions describe procedures to be ...
Mangesi, L. - - 2009
Objective. To assess which of three different methods of monitoring the fetal heart in labour was preferred by labouring women.
Butureanu, S. - - 2009
Objective. To verify whether postnatal results for newborns can be improved if the abdominal mode of delivery is used for all cases of umbilical cord loops diagnosed ante partum.
Kent, Athol - - 2009
- - 2009
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