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Mahy, Brian - - 2009
- - 2009
Mumford, Elizabeth - - 2009
Ding, Hao - - 2009
Rhizobia are agriculturally important bacteria that can form nitrogen-fixing nodules on the roots of leguminous plants. Agricultural application of rhizobial inoculants can play an important role in increasing leguminous crop yields. In temperate rhizobia, genes involved in nodulation and nitrogen fixation are usually located on one or more large plasmids ...
Lopes, Mateus Schreiner - - 2009
A different organization for the xyl operon was found in different genomes of Burkholderia and Pseudomomas species. Degenerated primers were designed based on Burkholderia genomes and used to amplify the xylose isomerase gene (xylA) from Burkholderia sacchari IPT101. The gene encoded a protein of 329 amino acids, which showed the ...
Brassard, Julie - - 2009
When genetic material is extracted from viruses responsible for food illnesses, two broad types of possibilities are offered: conventional methods, which are well established but usually long and exacting to perform, or commercial kits, which are faster and easy to use but much more expensive. Thus, it is important to ...
Florio, Walter - - 2009
The BCG1619c gene of Mycobacterium bovis bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) encodes for a 24 kDa invasin-like protein and is identical to the Rv1566c gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. To assess whether this protein was necessary for entry and (or) intracellular persistence in professional phagocytes and (or) in lung epithelial cells, a BCG1619c ...
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