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Marchese, Marianne - - 2012
Gaby, Alan - - 2012
Moss, Ralph - - 2012
Zablocki, Elaine - - 2012
Klotter, Jule - - 2012
Klotter, Jule - - 2012
Klotter, Jule - - 2012
Klotter, Jule - - 2012
Collin, Jonathan - - 2012
Barsky, Etti - - 2012
There are many concerns about exercise during pregnancy, with medical advice historically dissuading women from continuing or initiating regular exercise programmes. However, research has shown that high levels of exercise are not associated with an increased incidence of negative events.
Karpul, David - - 2012
Fifteen regional rugby union teams compete for the Super Rugby title--five each from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. In 2011, significant changes were made to the tournament format and these were continued in 2012. The new changes created an inherent bias, favouring teams that are strong relative to their ...
Oschman, Zanet - - 2012
Popliteal artery entrapment syndrome (PAES) is an uncommon cause of exercise-induced pain in the lower extremity of young athletes. However, it might explain the symptoms of those athletes who do not respond to treatment for the more common overuse syndromes. We present a case of a young professional male athlete ...
Kholvadia, Aayesha - - 2012
Objectives. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of whole body vibration (WBV) training for promoting health-related physical fitness in sedentary adults.
Pollock, Noel - - 2012
Objective. While it is recognised that vitamin D deficiency is common in the general population, there have been no studies in elite athletes in the UK. This observational study aimed to assess the 25 hydroxy-vitamin D (25(OH)D) status of elite athletes on the Great Britain track and field team.
Brown, James - - 2012
Background. Rugby Union, compared with other popular team sports, presents an above-average risk of injury to players that may increase with age and level of play. Elite schoolboy rugby players have been competing at the South African Rugby Union (SARU) Youth tournaments at the under-13 (CW13), under-16 (GK16) and under-18 ...
McVeigh, Joanne - - 2012
Objective. We sought to determine the validity, reliability and ranking ability of an interviewer-administered physical activity questionnaire (PAQ), measuring physical activity (PA) and inactivity history over a 1-week and 1-year period in South African primary school-aged children.
Maynard, Jennifer - - 2012
Objective. Prior studies of full-marathon participants have demonstrated a higher incidence of hyponatraemia in runners with completion times of 4 hours or more. Our primary aim was to determine if slower pace is associated with increased prevalence of hyponatraemia. Secondly, we evaluated the prevalence of hyponatraemia in full-marathoners v. half-marathoners.
Bateman, Chris - - 2012
Caldwell, Robert-Ian - - 2012
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