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- - 2012
Belayachi, Jihane - - 2012
Introduction. There has been a notable increase in the incidence of elderly patients being admitted to intensive care units (ICUs), globally and in Morocco. Studies on the diagnosis and management of ICU patients often exclude subjects with multiple co-morbidities or those older than 80 years. However, as the world's population ...
Singh, Ratender - - 2012
Background and aims. Approximately 20% of acute pancreatitis progresses to a severe form characterised by multiple extrapancreatic organ dysfunction. Elevated intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), a frequent finding in these patients, further adds to the mortality. Currently used prognostication indices have their own set of limitations. We evaluated IAP at intensive care ...
Jordan, Portia - - 2012
Background. The monitoring of endotracheal tube (ETT) cuff pressure in intubated patients is important in preventing complications related to cuff over- and under-inflation.
Sviri, Sigal - - 2012
Objectives. Automated, microprocessor-controlled, closed-loop mechanical ventilation has been used in our Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) at the Hadassah Hebrew-University Medical Center for the past 15 years; for 10 years it has been the primary (preferred) ventilator modality.
- - 2012
Rudershausen, Paul - - 2012
Ellis, Harold - - 2012
It is unusual for a medical investigator to have his name attached to a disease or syndrome during his lifetime. An exception to this rule was Denis Burkitt.
Kahokehr, Arman - - 2012
Background Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) or multidisciplinary focused perioperative care model with successful implementation. Several institutions run an on their effect on attitudes and perceptions to perioperative care principles. Methods A ten item survey was designed for perioperative care clinicians attending an annual ERAS workshop. The survey was administered ...
Harvey, Paul - - 2012
Mentorship has been present in healthcare for many years and much has been written about it. This article will explore the role of the mentor in the operating theatre in light of the new standards of mentor preparation.
Heikkinen, Katja - - 2012
A randomised controlled trial was used to evaluate elective ambulatory orthopaedic surgery patients' emotions during internet-based patient education or face-to-face education with a nurse. The internet-based patient education was designed for this study and patients used websites individually based on their needs. Patients in the control group participated individually in ...
Tame, Susan - - 2012
Continuing professional development must be undertaken by all registered perioperative practitioners. However, interviews with 23 perioperative nurses employed by one NHS trust suggested a link between workplace culture and intra-professional conflict which was associated with horizontal violence and perceived as a direct consequence of formal study. Such experiences appeared to ...
Reid, Jane - - 2012
Throughout 2011, and for much of this year, the national and professional press have been dominated by reports of failures in health and social care. Stories have focussed on the avoidable harm and disturbing cruelty suffered by individuals and the distress of distraught families seeking answers in the light of ...
Ellis, Harold - - 2012
In 1932 an article appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) which must be one of the most quoted papers in the whole field of gastroenterology. It took up seven pages and was entitled 'Regional ileitis, a pathological and clinical entity'. It emanated from Mount Sinai Hospital, ...
Rogers, Benedict - - 2012
Over 40 million surgical procedures are performed per annum in the USA and Europe, including several million patients who are considered to be high risk (Bennett-Guerrero et al 2003). Overall, the risk of death or major complications after surgery in the general surgical patient population is low, with a post-operative ...
Durand, Marcus - - 2012
Using an electronic questionnaire, we tested the effectiveness of professional networks for distributing a National Patient Safety Agency Safer Practice Notice, 'Reducing the risk of retained throat packs after surgery', issued in April 2009. Using professional networks for the targeted distribution of guidance to specific professional groups was found to ...
Al-Benna, Sammy - - 2012
The NHS Management Executive recommends that hospitals should aim to use 90% of planned theatre time and that theatre utilisation should be used as a key performance indicator. This study aims to investigate the impact of latestarts and overruns on theatre utilisation rates. Data were retrieved from a prospectively updated ...
Schindler, Oliver - - 2012
The first part of The story of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, was published in the previous issue of this journal, and the reader is encouraged to study both parts in order to become better acquainted with the subject. Those who have read the first part will remember that it concerned ...
Wilson, Rachel - - 2012
We live in a world of continuing advances in technology, surgical techniques and rapidly improving medicine. Despite these advances, diseases are continuing to thrive and cause infection both in the community and, more disturbingly, in hospitals. Damani (2003) states that medical care is more complex than ever before, and this ...
Hildebrand, Charlotte - - 2012
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