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Kersten, Paula - - 2011
Outcome measures, which use questions or assess performance on tasks, are increasingly used in clinical practice. A key principle of such measures is that of internal construct validity. This is a characteristic that is best evaluated with Rasch analysis. This approach to analysis tends to be described in the literature ...
Besley, Jessica - - 2011
The purpose of this review was to: (a) explore existing literature regarding the 'therapeutic relationship' in physiotherapy to identify what are considered the core components; and (b) critically appraise the conceptual basis of two commonly used measures of the therapeutic relationship: the Working Alliance Inventory and the Helping Alliance Questionnaire ...
Besley, Jessica - - 2011
This study aimed to: (1) explore client and physiotherapist perspectives of the acceptability and usability of the Working Alliance Inventory-Short Form and Helping Alliance Questionnaire-Version Two; (2) assess the test-retest reliability of these measures; and (3) explore their convergent and face validity. Twenty-two physiotherapist/client dyads from three practices completed both ...
Robinson, Kelly - - 2011
This case series explores the benefits of an eight week upper limb circuit training group for an outpatient stroke population with regards to three domains of the International Classification Framework (ICF): body structures and function; activity and participation. There were four participants ranging in age from 52 to 63 years ...
Binns, Elizabeth - - 2011
The Otago Exercise Programme (OEP) is a falls prevention programme developed in New Zealand to target the modifiable falls risk factors of lower limb weakness and impaired balance. There is strong evidence of the effectiveness of the OEP in reducing falls in older adults but evidence of the underlying clinical ...
Bengtson, Hans - - 2011
Objective: To describe the case of a 10-year-old football who sustained a comminuted osteochondral avulsion fracture of the femoral origin of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) via a low-energy mechanism,
Kordi, Ramin - - 2011
Context: Although bloodborne infections are among the most important global health issues, limited data are available on bloodborne infections in athletes.
Ozunlu, Nihan - - 2011
Context: The stability of the scapula in relation to the entire moving upper extremity is the key in the throwing sequence. The importance of scapular positioning in volleyball players has been well documented in the literature, but no one has compared scapular positioning between volleyball players and sedentary people.
Torres-McGehee, Toni - - 2011
Context: Participation in appearance-based sports, particulady at the collegiate level, may place additional pressures on female athletes to be thin, which may increase the likelihood of their resorting to drastic weight control measures, such as disordered eating behaviors.
Kahanov, Leamor - - 2011
Context: Occupation or occupational setting shifts might be occurring in the athletic training profession, and differences between sexes might exist; however, little evidence exists to confirm this supposition.
Kahanov, Leamor - - 2011
Context: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections are increasingly common in athletic settings. The MRSA knowledge and infection-control practices of certified athletic trainers (ATs) and the cleanliness of the athletic training room are important factors in preventing MRSA infections.
Eckner, James - - 2011
Context: Reaction time is typically impaired after concussion. A clinical test of reaction time ([RT.sub.clin]) that does not require a computer to administer may be a valuable tool to assist in concussion diagnosis and management.
Kim, Su-Jung - - 2011
Context: To improve trunk stability or trunk muscle strength, many athletic trainers and physiotherapists use various types of unstable equipment for training. The round foam roll is one of those unstable pieces of equipment and may be useful for improving trunk stability.
Rishiraj, Neetu - - 2011
Context: Knee braces were introduced in sports approximately 30 years ago. However, the effects of a functional knee brace (FKB) on aerobic and anaerobic performance after fatigue are unknown.
Zarrouk, Nidhal - - 2011
Context: With regard to intermittent training exercise, the effects of the mode of recovery on subsequent performance are equivocal.
Howard, Jennifer - - 2011
Context: Researchers have observed that medial knee collapse is a mechanism of knee injury. Lower extremity alignment, sex, and strength have been cited as contributing to landing mechanics.
Van Deun, - - 2011
Context: Acceptable measurement stability during data collection is critically important to research. To interpret differences in measurement outcomes among participants or changes within participants after an intervention program, we need to know whether the measurement is stable and consistent.
Cobb, Stephen - - 2011
Context: Foot-orthosis (FO) intervention to prevent and treat numerous lower extremity injuries is widely accepted clinically. However, the results of quantitative gait analyses have been equivocal. The foot models used, participants receiving intervention, and orthoses used might contribute to the variability.
Michener, Lori - - 2011
Context: Type I superior labrum anterior-posterior (SLAP) lesions involve degenerative fraying and probably are not the cause of shoulder pain. Type II to IV SLAP lesions are tears of the labrum.
Collins, Cathal - - 2011
Roberts, Jennifer - - 2011
New Zealand, like many countries, is developing new advanced nursing practice roles to meet emerging needs. While much has been written about the Nurse Practitioner (NP), the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) remains relatively unexplored and lacks national definition. This paper reports the findings from research designed to investigate ...
Scott, Susan - - 2011
The shift in health care towards primary health services and health promotion requires nursing education to ensure students learn to practice in partnership with communities. In primary health care settings opportunities for students to learn the participatory communication skills required for collaborative practice have been found to be constrained by ...
Shih, Li-Chin - - 2011
Compared to non-Maori, New Zealand Maori are at a higher risk of kidney disease which can lead to End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and the consequent need for renal replacement therapy, including dialysis, to sustain life. This study was designed to explore the impact that dialysis has on Maori and ...
Wilson, Denise - - 2011
Booncham, Adool - - 2011
Problem statement: The contemporary sculptures are constructions in public parks for people to use and appreciate. These are new things which Thai society has just known. The knowledge and understanding of the matter as mentioned are still in the limited circle. However, there is a lack of research study to ...
Ayroutt, Mustafa - - 2011
Problem statement: The purpose of this study was to investigate the reasons of tutoring phenomena among secondary stage students in Amman City as perceived by School Principals. Approach: The sample of the study consisted of (117 male principals and 57 female principals). Results: The evaluations of principals regarding tutoring reasons ...
Wannajun, Sisika - - 2011
Problem statement: The way of life of Thai people has involved utensils or things which made of bamboo since the ancient time. Rural Thai people use bamboo for building houses, making handicrafts, basketwork and household utensils. At present, thick bamboo is used and developed to many new products especially the ...
Bakar, A.R. - - 2011
Problem statement: Work values have been widely studied in management areas, among students and nurses. One can easily obtain literatures on these populations. One may face some difficulties when searching for literature on work values of counselors. Approach: The current study intends to explore the work values of Malaysian school ...
Hammad, Heba - - 2011
Problem statement: We ty to identify the role of Jordanian media in spreading awareness of the democratic election from the viewpoint of a sample of students in the faculties of university in Jordan. Approach: The search tool consisting of 24 paragraphs were utitlized on a sample of 100 students. Results: ...
Inkhong, Panashat - - 2011
Problem statement: Silver metal could be used as precious art and economic ornaments or jewelries. The objectives of this research were to study the comparison in production sources of Lanna Silver Ornaments, the molded lime pattern from Lanna Identity Architecture using in designing the silver product accessories, the design of ...
Ard-Khamsa, Santhipharp - - 2011
Problem statement: The development of management in Isan Local Art Museum was necessary for the cultural study. The objectives of this research were: (1) to study the background of management in Local Fine Art Museum, to study the situation and problems of management in Isan Local Fine Art Museum in ...
Al-Edwan, Zaid Suleiman - - 2011
Problem statement: This study focused on the importance of critical thinking in teaching methods especially in history course such as using thinking programs in teaching, this study aimed at exploring the effectiveness of a training program based on Cognitive Research Trust (CoRT) strategies to develop seventh grade student's critical thinking ...
Sulaiman, Tajularipin - - 2011
Problem statement: The practice of contemporary teaching methods that looked into student diversity had started to dominant most classrooms. In recent years, teachers had adopted a multiple intelligences approach in teaching to meet the needs of a wider range of students. Objective of the present study was to determine the ...
Elias, Habibah - - 2011
Positive relationships within the family, parental support, a consistent and constructive parental discipline style and adult supervision tend to be related negatively to adolescents deviant behaviors and their associations with deviant peers. Poor family relationships were found to be associated with higher levels of delinquent behaviors, possibly due to the ...
Oliveira, Lucas Ambrosio B. - - 2011
Problem statement: The Higher Education Institutions (IHL) have intensified process of introducing undergraduate and graduate courses to more remote regions, which expanded the scope of what these institutions and allowed the formation of population of these regions. This expansion (whether by on-campus or distance learning) presents new challenges for university ...
Prathumnet, Nuananong - - 2011
Problem statement: This study generates from the process of production of silk cloths as the Isan (northeast Thailand) identity with complicated production stages. It takes a long time with low compensations and it is unworthy of investment. Isan people of a new generation have gone to be hired to do ...
Corona, Felice - - 2011
Problem statement: The cultural aspect of the game lies in its extraordinary value as a learning tool, as even traditional model of sports, eventually took on new and expanded features. Motor-sports activities proposed in the form of play, are increasingly seen as a real social need, which involves large and ...
Al-Dosari, Hamad - - 2011
Statement of the Problem: With the brisk technology developments, e-learning is revolutionalising the educational industry by leaps and bounds, thus becoming a popular method of education for many universities and colleges around the world. In Saudi Arabian universities, there is a tangible presence of Web-based curricular provisions within the traditional ...
Vladimir, Potop - - 2011
Problem statement: The researchers introduce the contents of specific training means and the reps number during the training micro-cycles along preparatory and competitive period of the performance weightlifters. Approach: This approach has lead to the organization of a study in Olympic team of weightlifting. The scientific argument is the introduction ...
Urichianu, Sanda - - 2011
Problem statement: We intended to analyze and systematize the most valuable ways through which is achieved the optimization in rowing training by the evaluation of control norms, trials and tests during some stages of the training plan. We consider that the sports performances can become better and better thanks to ...
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