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Corvo, Kenneth - - 2011
Placed in the historical context of government funding of academic research, this critical analysis identifies the complexities and implications of schools of social work pursuing federal grants for research. Schools of social work with particular organizational characteristics are better able to compete for federal grants, incurring lower opportunity costs than ...
Hodge, David - - 2011
Although social work practitioners are increasingly likely to administer spiritual assessments with Native American clients, few qualitative assessment instruments have been validated with this population. This mixed-method study validates a complementary set of spiritual assessment instruments. Drawing on the social validity literature, a sample of experts in Native culture (N ...
Marshall, Jamie - - 2011
Every day in the United States, over half a million social workers provide services to people with health, mental health, and substance abuse problems in a fragmented system that emphasizes disease treatment over prevention. Powerful issues--including health inequities, population aging, globalization, natural disaster, war, and economic downturn--make the need for ...
Pomeroy, Elizabeth - - 2011
Bannigan, Katrina - - 2011
Richards, Sheelagh - - 2011
Whitehead, Phillip - - 2011
Obtaining research governance approvals for research involving the National Health Service (NHS) has become increasingly complex. In order to obtain the necessary approvals to interview 20 occupational therapists from a range of locations across the United Kingdom, the authors had to submit lengthy applications to all 20 sites. Before issuing ...
Kennedy-Behr, Ann - - 2011
Introduction: This preliminary study investigated the play skills and frequency of engagement in play of young children with and without motor coordination difficulties.
Waghorn, Geoff - - 2011
Introduction: This report examines the importance of integrating mental health services with supported employment services for people with severe mental health conditions and psychiatric disabilities. Integrated mental health and employment services are considered a key principle of evidence-based practices in supported employment for this group.
Bonsaksen, Tore - - 2011
Introduction: This study investigated the utility of the Assessment of Communication and Interaction Skills (ACIS) in mental health settings, as experienced by Norwegian occupational therapists and occupational therapy students.
Smyth, Genevieve - - 2011
Introduction: Social inclusion is a recent policy driver, which aims to develop fair access to opportunity for marginalised groups: a major goal in keeping with the values of occupational therapists. Evaluation of progress towards social inclusion includes listening to individuals' experiences of inclusion or exclusion in their local communities. This ...
Turner, Annie - - 2011
The Elizabeth Casson Memorial Lecture 2011, given on 30 June at the 35th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the College of Occupational Therapists, held at the Brighton Centre, Brighton, Sussex.
- - 2011
Geruschat, Duane - - 2011
Al-Niaimi, Firas - - 2011
Dunn, Lauren - - 2011
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