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Kumar, S. - - 2009
Elizabeth, K.E. - - 2009
Aniebue, P.N. - - 2009
Background. Long-distance truck drivers (LDTDs) are exposed to high-risk sexual behaviour because of the nature of their work and are at high risk for HIV acquisition. Assessing their sexual practices and condom use is an important step in HIV/AIDS prevention in this target group.
van Deventer, - - 2009
The importance of adherence in the management of patients on combination antiretroviral therapy has been well documented. (1-6) However, for sustainability of the overall programme adequate patient 'tracking' is required in order to understand where the programme may be failing.
Firnhaber, Cynthia - - 2009
Globally cervical cancer is one of the commonest cancers in women. It comprises approximately 12% of all cancers and is the commonest cancer in women in developing countries. The most recent compilation of global data indicates that an estimated 490 000 new cases of cervical cancer occur annually worldwide and ...
von Mollendorf, - - 2009
Health care providers are faced with a number of challenges with regard to acute HIV infection. The first of these is recognition, because the acute retroviral symptoms mimic a number of other viral infections. The second challenge is treatment, as treating early HIV has a number of benefits and risks ...
Price, Leigh - - 2009
Language mechanisms in much HIV discourse insist that a Western-based moralism dominates. These mechanisms include the use of strategic absences of information about the moral grounding of texts, and slippages of meaning where one word is used to refer to many meanings. A common slippage of meaning is use of ...
- - 2009
Strode, Ann - - 2009
Children (persons under 18) are a vulnerable group and require legal protection because of their youth and inexperience. (1) As a result, various provisions in the law ensure the care and protection of children through mechanisms such as mandatory reporting obligations, which generally require persons in positions of authority, in ...
Francois - - 2009
Bekker, Linda-Gail - - 2009
Manning, Liz - - 2009
This article presents the findings of a study describing Clinical Nurse Educators' experiences, as they recall their transition from staff nurse (1) to the Clinical Nurse Educator role, within a New Zealand District Health Board. Nurse Educator roles influence clinical practice and professional development of nurses, and although designated as ...
MacKay, Bev - - 2009
Lecturer support for nursing students in clinical placements is essential to assist students in consolidating their clinical experience and making links between theory and practice. The primary health care context poses challenges different from those of secondary or tertiary clinical settings. To deal with these challenges in primary health care ...
Jamieson, Isabel - - 2009
Many nurses leave nursing and never return. Others return after a period of time. Given the global shortage of nurses a better understanding of these movements is needed. The present study focused on nurses who had been out of nursing for more than five years, and explored factors that influenced ...
Connor, Margaret - - 2009
Health Reporoa Inc. offers a first contact rural nursing service to the village of Reporoa and surrounding districts. From 2003 to 2006 it became a project site through selection for the Ministry of Health (MoH) primary health care nursing innovation funding. Health Reporoa Inc. successfully achieved its project goals and ...
Smith, Tina - - 2009
Myer, Gregory - - 2009
Purpose: To employ retrospective trend analysis in an attempt to provide a layered description of the relative contribution (per credential) of clinical athletic trainers (those without terminal degrees) to authoring scientific literature in the Journal of Athletic Training (JAT). From these data, our secondary purpose was to evaluate trends relative ...
Torres-McGehee, Toni - - 2009
Context: Medical professionals have recognized eating disorders and related problems in competitive athletes. Auxiliary members (color guard, dance, majorettes) experience the same appearance-related pressures observed in sports commonly associated with eating disorders.
Monsma, Eva - - 2009
Context: The use of sport-specific imagery during rehabilitation is sparse. Athletes who used imagery (either facilitative or debilitative) during injury rehabilitation were compared with injured athletes who did not use imagery. Return-to-practice anxiety in the groups was investigated also.
Hunt, Tamerah - - 2009
Context: Clinicians have questioned the need to obtain annual baseline neuropsychological tests in high school athletes. If no difference among academic grades exists, annual baseline testing may not be necessary.
Covassin, Tracey - - 2009
Context: Various consensus and position statements recommend a multifaceted approach when diagnosing a possible concussion. The effectiveness of these materials depends largely on their content being disseminated to educators and to those in the clinical setting.
Henry, Kevin - - 2009
Context: Academic programs rely on outcomes assessments to determine if changes in the curriculum are necessary.
Neibert, Peter - - 2009
Objective: To discover the theoretic constructs that confirm, disconfirm, or extend the principles and their applications appropriate for National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA)-accredited postprofessional athletic training education programs.
Giacobbi, Peter R., - - 2009
Objective: To assess the prevalence of occupational burnout, engagement, and somatic health complaints and the associations among these constructs experienced by certified athletic trainers (ATs). A secondary objective was to examine differences between men and women, those with more versus less postcertification experience, and ATs who worked in different occupational ...
Zinder, Steven - - 2009
Context: Health care professionals commonly prescribe external stabilization to decrease the incidence and severity of ankle sprains. The mechanism for this decrease is not clearly understood. Examining the effects of ankle bracing on biomechanical stability and influencing factors may provide important information regarding the neuromuscular effects of bracing.
Gribble, Phillip - - 2009
Context: Chronic ankle instability (CAI) has been previously and separately associated with deficits in dynamic stability and proximal joint neuromuscular alterations, but how the 2 factors relate is unclear.
Broglio, Steven - - 2009
Context: Little is known about the impact biomechanics sustained by players during interscholastic football.
Casa, Douglas - - 2009
- - 2009
- - 2009
- - 2009
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