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Edwards, Douglas - - 2009
- - 2009
- - 2009
Zaidi, Nadeem - - 2009
The practice of perioperative antibiotics administration in relation to surgical incision was analyzed in 525 elective surgical patients at St Vincent University Hospital, Dublin. 82.86 % (435) patients received the perioperative antibiotics before surgical incision was made and 17.14 % (90) patients received it after the surgical incision was made. ...
Koya-Rawlinson, Christine - - 2009
Recovery units can be busy environments not often conducive to reflective practice. Reflection is, however, an important aspect of high quality care. Using Gibbs model of reflection (see Figure 1), applied to the experience of caring for a 15 year old patient who had undergone surgery to correct a scoliosis ...
Ellis, Harold - - 2009
Sixty years ago, when I was a young house-surgeon at the old Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford, we were not at all expert at dealing with our dying patients. Of course, we had every pity and sympathy with them and their families, but we were often constrained by the family members ...
Christodoulou, Irene - - 2009
Depression is classically treated by psychiatrists. Other specialties that deal with depression are family doctors and psychologists. However, there are cases that do not really belong to the specialties referred above. The surgical excision of an endocrine gland or the pharmaceutical or traumatic damage of a gland for oncologic reasons ...
Zepinic, Vito - - 2009
Suicide remains among the most tragic consequence of psychiatric disorder and the assessment of suicidal potential should be a task of the highest priority. In this paper, we describe the silent issues of an assessment and treatment of psychiatric patients. The treatment of suicidal patients has two aims: (1) to ...
Oyibo, Wellington - - 2009
HIV and malaria share a common geographic distribution, sub-Saharan Africa being the most affected. Since the adverse effects of malaria in pregnancy are immunity-dependent, co-infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) poses a great problem to the pregnant woman. HIV nullifies the parity-dependent immunity to affect of malaria in pregnancy, ...
Urs, Mattes - - 2009
This is a report on various aspects of the healthcare system in China with emphasis on orthopaedics. The authors' information and knowledge comes from living in China, working with Chinese managers in orthopaedic companies, from orthopaedic surgeons and from government officials in healthcare and regulatory bodies on the central and ...
Masters, Roger - - 2009
The debate on health care reform in the United States needs to focus on four numbers reported in OECD in Figures 2006 (a pamphlet published by the Organization of European Development and Cooperation with data comparing its 30 industrialized member states):
Christodoulou, Irene - - 2009
Christodoulou, Irene - - 2009
Rondoni, Angie - - 2009
Introduzione: Il Metodo Feldenkrais e utilizzato da piu di tre decenni nel trattamento della lombalgia senza che esista un parere univoco sulla sua efficacia. Obiettivo: Valutare l'efficacia del Metodo Feldenkrais nel trattamento preventivo e sintomatico di lombalgia, in pazienti adulti, rispetto al non trattamento o a un altro tipo di ...
Mattarelli, Claudia - - 2009
Solo recentemente sono state studiate le applicazioni cliniche della Whole Body Vibration (WBV: applicazione di uno stimolo vibratorio a tutto il corpo tramite pedane vibranti).
Capaldo, Gerardo - - 2009
Ryan, Jennifer - - 2009
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