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- - 2009
Kociunas, Rimantas - - 2009
Craig, Meghan - - 2009
Authenticity is a word often heard within an existential context, but seldom is it given suitable explanation. This paper examines the concept of authenticity, beginning with its origins in Heidegger's 'eigentlich' and the misunderstandings enveloped in translation. The most important facets of authentic being are also discussed. These include freedom, ...
Crabtree, Catherine - - 2009
This paper appraises current existential thinking on sexual identity and its implications for therapeutic practice. It offers a constructionist reading of sexual identity arguing that our sexuality is not essential, invariant or biologically determined whilst also suggesting that existing accounts have paid insufficient attention to the context in which this ...
Brown, Lorraine - - 2009
This paper uses data from an ethnographic study of international students' adjustment to illustrate the transformative potential of the international student sojourn. Removal from the familiar home environment gave students freedom from cultural and familial expectations and the opportunity for self-discovery that routine tends to prohibit. The initial product of ...
van Deurzen, - - 2009
Existential therapy distinguishes itself by addressing the whole of human existence and by considering an individual's experience from a philosophical perspective. It calls each of us to a more deliberate way of life and invites us to a considered reflection on our own existence.
Rasalingam, Haran - - 2009
This paper explores from a philosophical perspective the use of language describing matters concerning race and the possible implications of this for therapy. To do this, I shall consider Wittgenstein's philosophy of language and in particular, his 'language-game' methodology. I would like to examine the implications of the use of ...
du Plock, - - 2009
Copperstone, Jason - - 2009
In this paper I briefly explore the possibility of an existential approach to counselling psychology from a Heideggerian perspective. A brief overview of this philosopher's work is presented and a small selection of relevant themes are considered. The article concludes with the consideration that I believe Heidegger's phenomenological method might ...
Blackmore, Chris - - 2009
du Plock, - - 2009
A study utilising a phenomenological research method was undertaken to surface the essential structures of the concept 'existential-phenomenological clinical supervision', as experienced by a sample of eighteen existential therapists who were also both facilitating and receiving such supervision. Content analysis and frequency measuring were performed. These operations identified four dimensions ...
Castillo, Alejandro - - 2009
In terms of nutrient balances, modern dairy systems are more complex than ever before. Feed is the primary nutrient input on the average California dairy farm. Whole-farm nutrient balances are an important tool for evaluating the economic and physical viability of each dairy farm, improving nitrogen imbalances and complying with ...
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