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Bernardo, Jose - - 2009
Transgenic mice lacking calcium channel [[beta].sub.3] subunits (Cav[[beta].sub.3]) were used to determine the involvement of a multimeric calcium channel in mediating stimulated renal calcium absorption. We measured the ability of calcium channel [[beta].sub.3] subunit-null ([Cav[beta].sub.3.sup.-/-]) and wild-type ([Cav[beta].sub.3.sup.+/+]) mice to increase renal calcium absorption in response to the calcium-sparing diuretic ...
Beig, Mirza - - 2009
Epileptic seizures are accompanied by changes in autonomic function that in turn influence the cardiovascular system (hypertension and bradyarrhythmia). We have studied possible cardioprotective activity (during the ictal state in conscious animals) of valproic acid, nifedipine, and verapamil, alone and in combination, during pentylenetetrazol (PTZ)-induced seizures. Telemetry system was used ...
Jost, Alison - - 2009
Campbell, Courtney - - 2009
Schneider, Carl - - 2009
Thorstenson, Tim - - 2009
Kaebnick, Gregory - - 2009
Crowley, Mary - - 2009
- - 2009
de Oliveira, Marcia Valle - - 2009
Flower, Andrew - - 2009
Lawn, Geoff - - 2009
Fernandez, Angel - - 2009
The description and illustrations of a new species of Aechmea Ruiz & Pav. from Los Pijiguaos area, state of Bolivar, Venezuela, is submitted. Aechmea bauxilumii is related to A. castelnavii Baker, but it differs in its terrestrial habit, non bulb-shaped leaf base, greater number of scape bracts, looser frutescence, and ...
Luther, Harry - - 2009
Lawal, Olufemi - - 2009
This study investigated the relationship between interdependent self-construal and psychological wellbeing while employing benevolence, self-direction, and universalism values as possible mediators of the relationship. A total of 248 undergraduates of a university in Nigeria participated in the study. Data was gathered via responses of the students to measures of values, ...
Khetrapal, Neha - - 2009
The interaction of emotion with cognition is shown through sad facial expressions. The review highlights the neurobiological basis of the interaction and shows that it takes place at many levels of information processing like perception, attention, action and working memory. Emotions play a significant role in aiding the survival of ...
Hussain, Syed - - 2009
In wake of the shrinking forest cover, governments across the world have been perplexed by the question of reconciling the rights of tribals and the concern for effective forest conservation. Both of them have got their stakes in the conservation of forests. Governments are striving hard to conserve the endangered ...
Kaur, Jagpreet - - 2009
The present study intended to explore the gender differences in perceptions of home environment in a sample of 1011 Indian adolescents. The Home Environment Inventory (HEI) developed by Misra (1989) was used to measure adolescents' perceptions of home environment. The results of the study revealed significant gender differences in control, ...
Oyeniyi, Aransiola - - 2009
The paper investigates the support mechanisms existing among the street children in coping with street life in Nigeria with a view to proffer workable solutions to their problems. The study was carried out in the cities of Lagos, Kaduna and Port Harcourt. A structured questionnaire was administered among a convenience ...
Sarwar, M. - - 2009
The buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) is an important contributor to milk, meat, power, fuel and leather production in many developing countries. Buffaloes can be categorized into Asian and Mediterranean buffaloes. Asian buffalo includes two subspecies known as Riverine and Swamp types. Riverine (water buffalo) and Swamp buffaloes possess different genetics (50 ...
do Prado, Ivanor - - 2009
This work was carried out to study the chemical and fatty acid composition of Longissimus muscle (LM) of crossbred young bulls finished in a feedlot. After weaning (at 8 months old), the bulls were kept in a feedlot for 180 days. The bulls were kept in individual pens and fed ...
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