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- - 2009
Geruschat, Duane - - 2009
Bray, J.G.P. - - 2009
There is increasing demand for cheap and rapid screening tests for soil contaminants in environmental consultancies. Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) in the visible-near infrared (vis-NIR) and mid infrared (MIR) has the potential to meet this demand. The aims of this paper were to develop diagnostic screening tests for heavy metals ...
Igwe, C.A. - - 2009
Geochemical and mineralogical properties of soil can be used to assess their agricultural productivity potential. Ten soils from 4 geological formations in the south-eastern Nigeria were studied. Soil samples were taken from typical A and B horizons from each soil. The soil properties assessed were the free forms of Fe ...
Poch, R.M. - - 2009
Soil micromorphology, using light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), was used to describe detailed soil morphological and compositional changes and determine mineral weathering pathways in acid sulfate soils (ASS) from the following 2 contrasting coastal environments in Barker Inlet, South Australia: (i) a tidal mangrove forest with sulfidic material ...
Freebairn, D.M. - - 2009
Hydrology and water quality impacts of alternative land management practices are poorly quantified for semi-arid environments in the northern Australia cropping zone, yet wide-scale changes in tillage practices and land use were being recommended based on experience from other environments.
Forbes, M.S. - - 2009
The cycling of N in soil is supported both directly and indirectly by numerous microbial processes. These processes affect ecosystem fertility, but can also generate forms of N which have detrimental environmental impacts, such as [N.sub.2]O. Understanding drivers of biological communities involved in key N-transformations is therefore of much interest. ...
Ghosh, P.K. - - 2009
North-East India is known for its complex, diverse, risk-prone, and fragile hilly ecosystem. Natural resources in terms of soil, water, vegetation, and soil organic carbon (SOC) are much degraded. Effects of long-term perennial grasses maintained at a permanent fodder block of the ICAR Research Complex, Meghalaya, on soil quality were ...
Zhang, Xirui - - 2009
Conservation tillage is becoming increasingly attractive to farmers because it involves lower production costs than does conventional tillage. The long-term effects of sub-soiling tillage (ST), no tillage (NT), and conventional tillage (CT) on soil properties and crop yields were investigated over an 8-year period (2000-07). The study was conducted in ...
Farage, Peter - - 2009
The use of fire in land management has come under increasing scrutiny with regard to its potential effects on sustainability and climate change. Moorlands in the United Kingdom have traditionally used rotational burning of the heather (Calluna vulgaris) to improve the grazing and habitat, especially for grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus). ...
Richards, Anna - - 2009
Soil is a large sink for carbon (C), with the potential to significantly reduce the net increase in atmospheric C[O.sub.2] concentration. However, we previously showed that subtropical tree plantations store less C into long-term soil pools than rainforest or pasture. To explore reasons for differences in C storage between different ...
- - 2009
- - 2009
Carlyle, Christine - - 2009
Manchester, Anne - - 2009
Manchester, Anne - - 2009
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