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- - 2011
- - 2011
Reid, Keesha - - 2011
Bailey, Sharon - - 2011
Davis, Wilhelmina - - 2011
O'Dell, Susie - - 2011
Jordan, Irma - - 2011
Ajani ya Azibo, - - 2011
Skin bleaching and skin lightening behavior (SBSLB) is shown to be psychological misorientation mental disorder. The concepts of mental disorder and psychological misorientation are explained. SBSLB is integrated into the African-centered culture-specific Azibo Nosology of mental disorders (Azibo, 1989). Therapy of an African-centered nature is recommended for persons afflicted with ...
Gwaravanda, Ephraim - - 2011
This paper examines the phenomenon of skin bleaching from a cultural perspective and argues that Shona proverbs (in Zimbabwe) are part of wise sayings that can be used to overcome the dilemmas, contradictions and uncertainties of skin bleaching. The research is theoretically grounded in the Afrocentric theory that defends African ...
Hope, Donna - - 2011
This paper explores the cultural debates on skin lightening or 'bleaching' in Jamaica through the lens of popular music, in particular dancehall music culture. Social debates on skin lightening in Jamaican often identify this practice as a form of mental slippage, and as a solely epidermal manifestation of low self-esteem ...
Hunter, Margaret - - 2011
The merging of new technologies with old colonial ideologies has created a context where consumers can purchase "racial capital" through skin-bleaching creams or cosmetic surgeries. The use of skin-bleaching creams is on the rise throughout Africa and the African Diaspora and cosmetic surgery has increased dramatically among people of color ...
Charles, Christopher - - 2011
This study examines the contents of the images on the labels of 45 skin bleaching products sold in Harlem, New York, and whether or not these images were derogatory. This study is informed by social representation theory. A t-test was used to determine the difference in images (derogatory and non-derogatory) ...
Lindsey, Treva - - 2011
This article examines the usage of skin bleaching products and processes among some African American women in the urban upper south in the United States during the early twentieth century. Numerous African American women invested in these products and processes as means to shed vestiges of enslavement and to configure ...
Gooden, Amoaba - - 2011
Utilizing advertisements and some pictures from The Chicago Defender, The Crusader, The Crisis, The New York Amsterdam and Ebony this paper explores the extent to which the Black press supported the use of chemicals to bleach the skin of African American women between 1915 and 1950. Advertisements in the Black ...
Dorman, Jacob - - 2011
Unlike previous scholarship on skin-bleaching advertisements conducted by scholars such as Lawrence Levine and Kathy Peiss, this paper finds those advertisements reflected a definite and widespread preference for light skin among African Americans in 1920's Harlem. Newspaper records and historical archives demonstrate that tangible if permeable boundaries existed between "black," ...
Blay, Yaba - - 2011
The cosmetic use of chemical agents to lighten the complexion of one's skin, also referred to as skin whitening, skin lightening, and/or skin bleaching, is currently a widespread global phenomenon. While the history of skin bleaching can be traced to the Elizabethan age of powder and paint, in its current ...
Umut, Sema - - 2011
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