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- - 2010
Myers, Carole - - 2010
Gowan, Robert - - 2010
Norris, Tommie - - 2010
Markaki, Adelais - - 2010
- - 2010
Lanner, Traci - - 2010
In order to maximize the learning of skills, it is crucial that the most powerful reinforcement be used. Research describes several different methods of reinforcement preference assessments, including forced choice, free-operant, and multiple stimulus array procedures. Researchers have also tested many variables to determine their potential impact on reinforcer identification ...
Davis, Cheryl - - 2010
Determining effective reinforcers for individuals with disabilities is imperative for skill acquisition and behavior reduction. Various methodologies exist to determine reinforcer preference, and past research has shown that results vary across different techniques. The purpose of the current study was to assess which presentation methods were most efficient both in ...
Weiss, Mary - - 2010
In recent years, there has been a great deal of controversy regarding the definition and independence of Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) within the context of behavioral intervention. Specifically, behavior analysts have argued over whether PBS is subsumed within Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or whether it can be considered a separate ...
Ma, Hsen-Hsing - - 2010
The purpose of the present study was to apply the percentage of data points exceeding the median of baseline phase (PEM) approach for a meta-analysis of single-case experiments to compare the relative effectiveness of different kinds of reinforcers used in behavior modification. Altogether 153 studies were located, which produced 1091 ...
Derenne, Adam - - 2010
This paper describes materials designed for classroom projects on stimulus generalization and peak shift. A computer program (originally written in QuickBASIC) is used for data collection and a Microsoft Excel file with macros organizes the raw data on a spreadsheet and creates generalization gradients. The program is designed for use ...
Messling, Paul A., - - 2010
In an upper-division, college course with a lecture component and two laboratory sections, we experimentally evaluated a treatment package that included this contingency: "only if students attended lecture and submitted notes for each day's reading assignment could they use their notes during a later test," and instructions about the contingency. ...
Marr, Arthur - - 2010
A truism in psychology is that the activity of the striated musculature is maintained or reinforced by its consequences, and represents operant behavior. Yet, the striated musculature is divided into two main types that are different physiologically and are activated separately and not necessarily simultaneously. The question is whether they ...
Bloh, Christopher - - 2010
This study examined the use of a progressive delay procedure with and without a concurrent activity to teach self-control to children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Three participants were initially required to wait progressively longer periods of time for access to preferred edible reinforcers. After demonstrating this self-control, they were ...
Azulay, Richard - - 2010
The process of scheduling classroom observations--either for staff or for student performance data collection--is often done haphazardly or out of simple convenience. However, slapdash approaches to scheduling are rich with possible confounds to the validity of the data being collected. Due to the possibility of detrimental outcomes such as reactivity ...
Gervais, Robert - - 2010
Christman, Kenneth - - 2010
Schlafly, Andrew - - 2010
Rottschaefer, Bernard - - 2010
Orient, Jane - - 2010
According to judicial precedents, onerous regulations such as price controls and administrative review mechanisms can be imposed on physicians without constitutional constraints because participation in the program is "voluntary." Americans who do not wish to be a part of the system are finding that the definition of "voluntary"--in the light ...
Bauer, Henry - - 2010
A large proportion of asymptomatic human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) "positive" individuals--50% or more--are likely never to progress to illness if left untreated. That follows from official estimates of numbers of undiagnosed "HIV positives," numbers of known HIV/AIDS cases, numbers of AIDS deaths overthe years, and from the high frequency of ...
Maccabee, Howard - - 2010
Allegations of harmful effects of climate warming on health are based on increased deaths observed in heat waves, especially in European cities. Year-round mortality data show, however, that death rates during cold weather are seven to nine times greater than during warm weather.
Huntoon, Lawrence - - 2010
Parker, Pam - - 2010
Hieb, Lee - - 2010
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