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Firnhaber, Cynthia - - 2009
There are an estimated 350 million hepatitis B carriers worldwide. The prevalence of mono-infection with hepatitis B in South Africa has been estimated at approximately 10% for the rural population and 1% in urban areas. (1,2) The transmission routes of hepatitis B and HIV are similar, but hepatitis B is ...
Honermann, Brian - - 2009
South African Security forces Union and Others v. Surgeon General and Others. (1) This case challenged the South African National Defence Force's health classification policy, which for years has prevented recruits and soldiers with HIV from recruitment, external deployment or promotion within the SANDF regardless of their actual state of ...
Venter, Francois - - 2009
Bekker, Linda-Gail - - 2009
Wiesner-Hanks, Merry - - 2009
Yannielli, Joseph - - 2009
Mullin, Janet - - 2009
Several historians have argued that factional splits were endemic during periods of weakness of the central state because in these periods the financial and economic redistribution of the state faltered. This article however points out that weak state power did not cause factional struggle, because it assesses periods of weakness ...
Shpayer-Makov, Haia - - 2009
Although journalism and detection are supposedly distinct vocations, on closer examination they have much in common and possess many points of contact. Roth fields had existed prior to the nineteenth century, but only then did they expand significantly and develop professional credentials and public standing. The two occupations evolved in ...
Weaver, John - - 2009
The quality of rural living has long attracted contradictory assessments. In New Zealand where farm produce figured pre-eminently in the economy, opposing assessments abounded. Politicians tended to gloss over rural hardships, favoured an Arcadian myth, and initiated schemes to alleviate poverty by putting people on the land; dissenting portrayals emerged ...
Giuliani, Fabienne - - 2009
Fabienne Giuliani, "Winner of the 2008 Graduate Student Competition: Monsters in the Village? Incest in Nineteenth Century France"
Swart, Sandra - - 2009
In 1902, after a devastating colonial conflict, South Africans faced an apocalyptic post-war world. Farms were burned and the economy shattered. Rut a strange phenomenon was observable among the defeated Boers/Afrikaners. They were laughing. A visiting English philanthropist observed: "There is getting to be something quite terrible to me in ...
Prior, David - - 2009
David Prior, '"Crete the Opening Wedge': Nationalism and International Affairs in Postbellum America"
- - 2009
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Myers, Carole - - 2009
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