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Edwards, Douglas - - 2009
Li, Shi-Weng - - 2009
Adventitious roots are a post-embryonic root which arise from the stem and leaves and from non-pericycle tissues in old roots and it is one of the most important ways of vegetative propagation in plants. Many exogenous and endogenous factors regulate the formation of adventitious roots, such as [Ca.sup.2+], sugars, auxin, ...
Palavan-Unsal, Narcin - - 2009
Nitric oxide (NO) is an important molecule that acts in many tissues to regulate a diverse range of physiological processes. It is becoming apparent that NO is a ubiquitous signal in plants. Since the discovery of NO emission by plants in the 1970s, this gaseous compound has emerged as a ...
Close, D.C. - - 2009
We propose a model of 'premature tree decline' whereby an absence of fire hastens the mortality of overstorey eucalypts in some forests. This model is relevant to some temperate Australian forests in which fire regimes have shifted from relatively frequent before European settlement to infrequent following settlement. The increased development ...
Smith, William - - 2009
Because of the characteristically low temperatures and ambient C[O.sub.2] concentrations associated with greater altitudes, mountain forests may be particularly sensitive to global warming and increased atmospheric C[O.sub.2]. Moreover, the upper treeline is probably the most stressful location within these forests, possibly providing an early bellwether of forest response. Most treeline ...
- - 2009
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