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Dieng, Babacar - - 2008
This article attempts to contribute to the scholarship on Margaret Walker's Jubilee, ancestor of a wave of neo-enslaved narratives and African-American historical fictions, by shedding more light on the context of its development. While most critics implicitly tie the development of Walker's historical novel to the sixties, the text is ...
Von Robertson, - - 2008
Approximately four years ago, I began collecting interview data with Black Seminoles/Estelusti in Oklahoma. My research focused on how the Black Seminoles negotiated their marginal status within the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and with non-freedman Blacks. Using Weisberger's (1992) marginality construct, I found that the Estelusti most often employed 'poise' ...
Johnson, Christopher - - 2008
The article discusses hip-hop's progression from communal art to commodity and argues that the change is attributed to the lack of strong social justice activism in the years the music became popular, a lack of communal critique; the change from an industrial to the postindustrial economy, and the ongoing commodification ...
Hlongwane, Ali - - 2008
In the last thirty years, the June 16, 1976 student uprisings have been commemorated in various ways. The commemorations have taken the form of expression of grief, loss and the will to continue pursuing the liberation project in South Africa. These processes of commemoration have over the years been characterised ...
- - 2008
Kaba, Amadu - - 2008
Contributing to Ali A. Mazrui's (1986) Africa's triple heritage concept, this paper argues that United States Senator Barack Obama from Illinois has a dual triple heritage: (1) race or ethnicity (ethnic origin) and (2) religion. The paper argues that the new positive friendship or partnership between the people of Africa ...
Boaduo, Nana - - 2008
The time for Africa to initiate its industrial and economic development through the efforts and initiatives of African states and citizens has dawned. The habit of begging and borrowing coupled with the blaming of Colonialism and Neo-colonialism and the Multi National Corporations should be abandoned. There is need for rethink ...
Lesaffre, Emmanuel - - 2008
Yazici, Hasan - - 2008
Luby, Stephen - - 2008
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