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Rogers, Laura - - 2011
Introduction: A Canadian university's entry-to-practice occupational therapy programme offered all six academic courses in the first autumn semester using online technologies.
Rubin, Rona - - 2011
Introduction: The background to this study is the growing literature on the potential of applying appreciative inquiry (AI), commonly associated with business, to health care. As AI encourages creative thinking and is based on considering what can be done as opposed to what cannot, it seems suitable for educating occupational ...
Murad, Mohd - - 2011
Introduction: It has been difficult for occupational therapists in Asia to use occupational therapy assessments, such as the Occupational Self Assessment (OSA) version 2.2, that are not validated in the local language. This study aimed to produce and assess the psychometric properties of a Malaysian version of the 21-item OSA.
Morgan-Brown, Mark - - 2011
Objectives: This study evaluated the sitting room environment of two nursing homes in Ireland, using interactive occupation and social engagement as outcome measures and defining these rooms as occupational spaces.
Engel-Yeger, Batya - - 2011
Purpose: The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between extreme sensory reactivity as expressed in daily living situations, and trait and state anxiety, among healthy individuals.
McCallum, Ian - - 2011
de Kock, - - 2011
Walker, Richard - - 2011
Objectives. We aimed to establish the pathological types of stroke in two incident populations in Tanzania, one rural and one urban, and to examine the clinical utility of the Siriraj and Allen scores in identifying stroke sub-types.
Bateman, Chris - - 2011
de Villiers, - - 2011
Aims. To determine survival, disability and functional outcomes of stroke patients following their discharge from an acute stroke unit in an urban community with limited rehabilitative resources.
Nwobegahay, Julius - - 2011
Aim. We studied the prevalence of resistance mutations in drug-naive HIV-infected individuals at the Bela-Bela treatment site to gather information on the presence of antiretroviral (ARV) drug-resistant viruses in drug-naive populations, so as to improve treatment guidance.
Heysell, Scott - - 2011
Background. There is little information regarding the presence and characteristics of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an important nosocomial pathogen, in rural African hospitals.
Bosch, Fredricka - - 2011
Background. There is a global emergence of resistance against commonly prescribed antibiotics. Empirical antibiotic prescribing should be guided by local antimicrobial susceptibility patterns.
Labuschagne, M. - - 2011
Objective. To investigate errors in administering drugs by anaesthetists working in public hospitals in the Free State province.
- - 2011
- - 2011
de V van Niekerk, - - 2011
Chaytor, Alexandra - - 2011
Contamination of agricultural crops by mycotoxins results in significant economic losses for grain producers and, when consumed, it can cause reduced growth and health in a wide range of animal species. Hundreds of mycotoxin producing molds exist, however each has a different frequency and pattern of occurrence, as well as ...
Yimin, Zhanga - - 2011
The aim of this study was to confirm Pseudomonas spp. as the specific spoilage organism (SSO) of chilled beef during aerobic storage and to establish a model to predict the shelf life of beef. Naturally contaminated beef was stored at 4[degrees]C, and the spoilage limit of Pseudomonas organisms was determined ...
Xiuxiang, Meng - - 2011
The objective of the present study was to determine gender-related and month-related behavioral differences in captive alpine musk deer. The study was conducted at Xinglongshan Musk Deer Farm (XMDF) of Xinglongshan National Nature Reserve in Gansu Province of western China. The integrated method of focal sampling and all occurrence recording ...
Kim, M.H. - - 2011
The objective of this study was to characterize serum immunoglobulins and lymphocytes subpopulations in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of Holstein calves in response to lipopolysaccharide (LPS) challenge from Escherichia coli. Fourteen calves received subcutaneous injections of E. coli LPS at 10 weeks of age, and six calves were ...
Rajesh, Ramanna - - 2011
Satellite cells are skeletal muscle progenitor/stem cells that reside between the basal lamina and plasma membranes of skeletal fibers in vivo. These cells can give rise to both myogenic and adipogenic cells. Given the possible role for differentiation of satellite cells into adipocytes in marbling and in some pathological disorders ...
Fazhi, Xu - - 2011
A trial was performed to study the effects of feeding a diet containing solid-state fermentation rapeseed meal (FRSM) replaced soybean meal (SBM) on growth performance and serum biochemistry parameters of ducks and then to determine the appropriate proportion of soybean meal replacement. The 75% rapeseed meal and 25% blood meal ...
van Barneveld, - - 2011
The growth rate of the young pig is generally much less than it's potential and may be constrained by endocrine status as well as nutrient intake. Growth factors are present in relatively high quantities in colostrum and play an important part in gut development. It is possible that supplementation of ...
Rao, S.V. - - 2011
An experiment was conducted with broiler (Cobb 400) male chicks (n = 480) to determine the effect of betaine (Bet) supplementation (0 and 800 mg/kg) to diets containing five concentrations (15, 18, 20, 22 and 24 g/kg crude protein, CP) of methionine (Met) in a 2x5 factorial study for performance, ...
Giang, Hoang - - 2011
Two experiments were conducted to investigate the effect of dietary supplementation of Bacillus, Saccharomyces and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) on performance and nutrient digestibility in grower and finisher pigs. In Exp. 1, 80 pigs (32 females and 48 males), 28.7 [+ or -] 0.9 kg body weight (BW), were randomly ...
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