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- - 2010
Osis, Maria Jose - - 2010
- - 2010
Plowman, Tracey - - 2010
Salehi, Omid - - 2010
Shamshev, Igor - - 2010
Two new species of the genus Tachydromia Meigen are described: T. freidbergi sp. n. (Ethiopia) and T. stuckenbergi sp. n. (Uganda). Re-descriptions of T. lilaniensis Smith, 1969 and T. petrabilis Smith, 1969, known from South Africa and Lesotho, are given. A key to Afrotropical Tachydromia is provided. Hypothesized phylogenetic relationships ...
Oppong, C.K. - - 2010
The nymphal stages of the African mopane psyllid Retroacizzia mopani occur on Colophospermum mopane leaves, feeding on the phloem sap. The emergence of R. mopani coincides with the dry winter period in South Africa, when other trees are leafless. The nymphal stages secrete a scutcheon-like protective covering called lerp. The ...
Londt, Jason - - 2010
Microstylum vespertilio Engel, 1932 is redescribed from the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and transferred to Daspletis Loew, 1858, a genus closely related to Microstylum Macquart, 1838, that now incorporates eight southern African species. Knowledge of the species is updated and a new identification key is provided.
Azarkina, Galina - - 2010
Twelve species of the Spartaeinae from Africa are considered. Previously unknown sexes are described for three species: Cyrba nigrimana Simon, 1900 ([male]); Meleon raharizonina Logunov & Azarkina, 2007 ([female]); and Meleon russata (Simon, 1900) ([male]). Three species, Cyrba lineata Wanless, 1984, Meleon madagascarensis (Wanless, 1978) and M. guineensis (Berland & ...
Wesener, Thomas - - 2010
Five new species of the endemic giant pill-millipede genus Zoosphaerium from Madagascar are described: Z. muscorum sp. n., Z. bambusoides sp. n., Z. tigrioculatum sp. n., Z. darthvaderi sp. n., and Z. heleios sp. n. The first three species fit into the Z. coquerelianum species-group, where Z. tigrioculatum seems to ...
Herbert, D. - - 2010
Herbert, D. - - 2010
Natalina sensu lato includes some of the largest carnivorous snails in the world and represents an important African radiation of the Gondwanan land snail family Rhytididae. It comprises the taxa Natalina, Afrorhytida and Capitina, all three of which we treat as full genera. We provide a comprehensive revision of each ...
Weiss, David - - 2010
- - 2010
- - 2010
- - 2010
Broadis, Emily - - 2010
We describe the case of an 11-year-old girl who presented with a lump in her neck. On exploration a 4 cm saw-toothed fish bone was extracted from the soft tissue of the anterior triangle of the neck.
Uba, Francis - - 2010
Background. In the Nigerian setting the curriculum of each medical school is the sole responsibility of the senate of the respective university. This arrangement results in variability in learning objectives and in students' acquisition of skills to manage clinical problems. Educational objectives can be used to both standardise and evaluate ...
Ahmed, Adamu - - 2010
Background. The causes of abdominal surgical emergencies in a particular setting may change because of alterations in demographic, socio-economic or geographical factors. We present the pattern, management and outcome of such emergencies in Zaria, Northern Nigeria.
Kingu, H.J. - - 2010
Background. The aim of the study was to investigate the demographics, aetiological factors, anatomical lesions, biological features, management protocol and outcomes of patients admitted with major burn injuries to the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital (NMAH), which is one of only three tertiary hospitals in the Eastern Cape and is in ...
Green-Thompson, L. - - 2010
Background. Bedside teaching is the core teaching strategy in the clinical study years of the medical undergraduate degree at the University of the Witwatersrand. The quality of this teaching strategy has not been formally evaluated by students as other teaching strategies have been.
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