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Dunn, Claudia - - 2009
OBJECTIVE. This study examined how community-dwelling adults with spinal cord injury (SCI) respond in real-life circumstances after detecting a low-grade (Stage 1 or Stage 2) pressure ulcer.
Dunn, Winnie - - 2009
This commentary provides an analysis of an article by Gere, Capps, Mitchell, and Grubbs (2009) about sensory sensitivities of gifted children. The article reports that children who are gifted are more sensitive to sensory experiences. Researchers hypothesized that children's sensitivities contribute to their excellent problem-solving skills and might contribute to ...
Gere, Douglas - - 2009
Gifted children often display sensitivities to their environment that vary from those of the general population. Data were gathered on 6- to 11-year-old gifted children attending a public elementary school gifted program. Parents completed Dunn's (1999) Sensory Profile questionnaire regarding their child. Two primary analyses were conducted: (1) a comparison ...
Pierce, Doris - - 2009
OBJECTIVE. The study provides a substantive description of infant and toddler play with everyday objects and independent negotiation of home space.
Egilson, Snaefridur - - 2009
OBJECTIVE. We investigated the factors that facilitate or hinder school participation of students with physical disabilities and explored the interaction of those factors.
Rechetnikov, Rouslan - - 2009
OBJECTIVE. We investigated the co-occurrence of motor impairments in children with speech and language impairments.
Chan, Ashley - - 2009
OBJECTIVE. We illustrate the implementation of an integrated supported employment (ISE) program that augments the individual placement and support model with social skills training in helping people with severe mental illness (SMI) achieve and maintain employment.
Hwang, Jeng-Liang - - 2009
OBJECTIVE. The internal construct validity of the School Function Assessment (SFA) was determined by examining its unidimensionality and hierarchical structure.
Murphy, Susan - - 2009
Systematic reviews (SRs) are increasingly used in the health professions to evaluate research evidence to guide practice and justify reimbursement for services. Despite the importance of SRs in the health professions, there is no definitive guide for how to conduct a useful, high-quality review. In this article we will (1) ...
Darragh, Amy - - 2009
Occupational therapists are at risk of work-related injuries (WRIs) because of the demanding nature of their work. However, information about WRIs and musculoskeletal disorders among occupational therapists is limited. For comparison, research indicates that up to 91% of physical therapists experience work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) and pain. The purpose of ...
Wood, Wendy - - 2009
The objective of this instrumental case study was to explore interrelationships among routine activity situations on 2 Alzheimer's special care units (SCUs) and 2 resident quality-of-life (QoL) indicators: daily time use and emotional well-being. Fourteen residents participated. We collected data across four 12-hr days using computer-assisted direct observations and computed ...
Carver, Mandi - - 2009
Intermittent self-catheterization is common for patients who have neurogenic bladder associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Intermittent self-catheterization is considered the gold standard for bladder drainage because of the significantly decreased incidence of urinary tract infection in comparison with other catheterization methods. Occupational therapists educate patients in how to complete ...
Guidetti, Susanne - - 2009
This study identifies the meaning of context in recapturing self-care after a stroke or spinal cord injury (SCI). Recapturing denotes the process of engaging in self-care to regain the ability to participate in self-care activities. Five people who had had a stroke and 6 people with SCI were interviewed 1-3 ...
Rowe, Veronica - - 2009
OBJECTIVE. Upper-extremity functional improvements after constraint-induced movement therapy have not been documented beyond 2 years. This case report describes the long-term maintenance of the effects of change 4-5 years after an application of constraint-induced therapy.
Schmid, Arlene - - 2009
OBJECTIVES. We used qualitative data to explore the perceived consequences of poststroke falls during the first 6 months after discharge from the hospital.
- - 2009
Mahesh, Mahadevappa - - 2009
Cho, Yung - - 2009
Adeniji, Adejimi - - 2009
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